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Sikorsky S-92

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Sikorsky-S92-helicopter-training Sikorsky-S92-helicopter-training


Professional Pilot and Technician Training Programs
As the factory-authorized training provider for Sikorsky since 1983, FlightSafety offers type-specific training on the Sikorsky S-92 model. Sikorsky S-92 pilot training is available in Lafayette, Louisiana; West Palm Beach, Florida; London Farnborough, United Kingdom; and Stavanger, Norway. Maintenance training is available at West Palm Beach, Florida.

Program Highlights

  • FlightSafety pioneered FAA Level D full flight simulation for helicopters. The VITAL visual system creates realistic displays that offer a 220×60-degree vertical field of view and an endless selection of weather conditions and locations. Combined with audio, the experience gives the pilot realistic physical sensations that warrant Level D certification from the FAA.
  • FlightSafety’s long-term agreement and close working relationship with Sikorsky provide Customers with the most current and comprehensive training available, ensuring access to the latest technical information and service bulletins.
  • Our S-92 simulators feature scenario-based training that includes offshore, database and Customer specific heliports. The simulators realistically duplicate environments, allowing pilots to experience situations that would be too dangerous, too impractical or impossible to practice in an aircraft.
  • The West Palm Beach Learning Center’s maintenance programs offer a full range of hands-on courses that feature aircraft maintenance trainers and specialized tools.