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FAR 61.156 ATP CTP

Course Information

The Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) fulfills the requirements of FAR 61.156.  It includes both ground training and flight training segments.  Upon successful completion of the ATP CTP, and once all other requirements have been met, the candidate will be eligible to take the FAA ATP written exam.

The ground training segment bridges the gap between the knowledge of the commercial pilot and that which is expected of an ATP certificate holder, specifically in the areas of aerodynamics, automation, adverse weather conditions, turbine engines, and transport airplane performance in accordance with Advisory Circular 61-138. The pilot will become familiar with recognizing, avoiding, and recovering from errors which can occur when operating turbine-powered transport category airplanes in a complex and dynamic environment.

Pilots must possess a valid Commercial Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Rating; or equivalent foreign license.


  • Simulator training is conducted in the following simulators: Dallas North, Texas – Airbus A320, 737 Max, Gulfstream G-IV, Falcon 900EX; Orlando, Florida – Citation X; Tucson, Arizona – CL601 3A/3R, CL 604; and Wichita, Kansas – Citation X.
  • This course is required as a prerequisite to taking the FAA ATP written examination. Although it covers many of the FAA ATP written examination topics, it is not an FAA ATP written examination preparation course.
  • Because crew coordination is required, a minimum of two attendees is required to conduct this course, unless otherwise previously arranged with the training center.
  • This course does not result in any additional ratings or certificates.
  • It is NOT recommended for students to schedule their FAA ATP written exam the same day as the course concludes.