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Gulfstream G450, G550

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Professional Pilot and Technician Training Programs
FlightSafety and Gulfstream have worked together for more than 50 years to develop comprehensive pilot and maintenance technician training programs for practically every Gulfstream aircraft model. Gulfstream G450 and G550 training is available in Dallas, Texas; Farnborough, United Kingdom; Long Beach, California; Savannah, Georgia; Singapore; and Wilmington, Delaware.

Program Highlights

  • FlightSafety’s Master Aviator training is available for Gulfstream G450 and G550 operators. To become a Master Aviator, complete a series of Advanced Training courses and electives and complete a FlightSafety training or checking event every eight months.
  • FlightSafety’s exclusive Advanced Pilot Courses are based on analysis of actual incidents and help develop solid flying skills, swift and accurate decisions and precise crew communication. These courses include:
    – Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
    – Advanced Energy Management
    – Advanced Rejected Takeoff Go/No-Go
    – Advanced CRM Human Factors LOFT
  • EASA Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) is also available.
  • Online, instructor-led ground school and maintenance training is available for Gulfstream G450/G550 through FlightSafety’s LiveLearning. This flexible delivery is ideal for complex training at a distance.
  • Simulator Enhancements – EFVS (Enhanced Flight Vision System), EFVS Touchdown and Rollout, HUD/HUD II, RNP AR, Synthetic Vision SVS 2.0 and 1.0, WAAS and LPV training are all available in our upgraded simulators.
  • Gulfstream Enhanced Navigation training is available – ground school instruction covers ADS-C, CPDLC, WAAS and LPV approaches. Simulator instruction covers LPV approaches and WAAS.
  • Our Honeywell navigation and terrain databases are updated every 28 days, allowing you to fly anywhere in the world from our classroom.
  • All Gulfstream G450 and G550 simulators are Honeywell Cert Hotel (ASC 911) compliant.
  • eLearning Courses such as G450/G550 CPDLC, DCL, ADS-B, G550 eRecurrent are available to meet your specific G450 and G550 training needs.
  • Maintenance technicians can take advantage of the exclusive Total Technical Training for these aircraft where instructors from FlightSafety and Gulfstream collaborate to offer advanced, hands-on practical training. This unique method of instruction leverages Gulfstream’s knowledge of aircraft design, manufacturing and support with FlightSafety’s world-class training expertise.
  • Advance your career while enhancing safety and improving dispatch reliability with FlightSafety’s exclusive Master Technician training. Master Technicians are recognized throughout the industry as having achieved the pinnacle of training for their aircraft.