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FlightSafety Master Technician training provides aviation maintenance professionals with in-depth instruction and real-world practical training. This innovative and unique program is designed to enable maintenance technicians to further enhance their contributions to the safety, reliability and operating efficiency of the aircraft or components they support and maintain. The industry-leading Master Technician training program was developed in close collaboration with aviation manufacturers and the experience and expertise of FlightSafety’s highly qualified maintenance training professionals. Enhance your technical and professional abilities to develop more advanced skills through one or more of our six paths to becoming a Master Technician.

Multiple Master Technician Certificates

Once you’ve earned a Master Technician certificate, you can continue to expand both your skill sets and your career possibilities with additional Master Technician certificates. Additional certificates typically require fewer courses than the first certificate, acknowledging the training you’ve already completed.

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Program Program Description


Builds on your proven technical abilities and knowledge with increasingly challenging airframe-specific instruction and hands-on practical training.


Avionics-specific in-depth training, including hands-on practical instruction, complemented by a range of additional avionics focused elective courses to perfectly match your specific needs.

Cabin Systems

In-depth cabin communication and cabin management training with practical application providing the technician with the skills necessary to troubleshoot issues within the aircraft cabin.


Delivers an overview of composite use in airframes and builds skills in both repair and fabrication of composite structures.


In-depth Honeywell or Pratt & Whitney Canada engine-specific training, including line and base instruction and engine condition trend monitoring, plus elective courses to reinforce current engine knowledge or round out overall technical skills.


Provides the skills and practical application you need to interact effectively with customers, managers and coworkers, preparing you for a management position within your aviation department.

High Standards

A knowledgeable, motivated technician benefits all aspects of your operation.

  • Improved safety
  • Lower operational costs
  • Increased aircraft dispatch reliability

Manage Your Career

Put your career on the fast track. For additional information, please call +1 201.528.0170, or contact


Join more than 5,000 Master Technicians worldwide. Here are a few of the advantages.

  • Industry recognition
  • Professional/personal development
  • Expertise in your field
  • Greater asset to your maintenance department
  • Lifetime FlightBag Subscription for Graduated Program
  • Proficiency Protection Program
  • Continue your Master Technician path by earning additional certificates

Some rules and restrictions apply. Courses may differ based on program type. Please contact us for details.