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Bombardier Challenger 601, 3A, 3R

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Professional Pilot and Technician Training Programs
FlightSafety offers comprehensive, professional training on Bombardier Learjet, Global series and Challenger series aircraft, including the Challenger 601-3A/3R. Challenger 601-3A/3R training is available at our learning center in Tucson, Arizona.

Program Highlights

  • Training for the 601-3A/3R model covers optional equipment including EGPWS and VNAV.
  • Courseware for 601-3A/3R instruction was developed in conjunction with Bombardier.
  • Customized training programs are available to meet your specific training needs.
  • Maintenance technician training for the Challenger 601 series models is available at our Tucson Learning Center
  • Advance your career while enhancing safety and improving dispatch reliability with FlightSafety’s exclusive Master Technician training for the Challenger 601 series. Master Technicians are recognized throughout the industry as having achieved the pinnacle of training for their aircraft.
  • A wide variety of specialty and enrichment training is available through our eLearning and LiveLearning courses.
  • Differences may be offered to the CL600 or CL601-1A.