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Honeywell Aerospace

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Honeywell Aerospace

Training for the Full Range of APUs, Avionics, Engines, Environmental Controls and Satcom

Experience the highest-quality interactive training and commitment to Customer service on the full range of Honeywell Aerospace products. FlightSafety employs state-of-the-art instructional technologies and equipment – including Desktop and Graphical Flight-deck simulators as well as other hands-on training devices, training aids, and test equipment – to significantly increase the quality and effectiveness of training for operators of Honeywell products. Soon the training will be available at locations around the world.


  • 55-L-714A Turboshaft IM
  • ALF502/LF507-1F IM and LM
  • CFE738 Turbofan LM
  • HTF7000 Series (AS907) Turbofan IM and LM
  • HTF7000 Series (AS907) Engine Update
  • HTS900 Turboshaft LM
  • LTS101 Turboshaft IM and LM
  • T53 Series Turboshaft IM and LM
  • TFE731 Series Troubleshooting
  • TFE731 Vibration Analysis and Fan Balance
  • TFE731-20/-40/-50/-60 Engine Update
  • TFE731-20/-40/-50/-60 Turbofan IM and LM
  • TFE731-2/-3/-4/-5 Turbofan IM and LM
  • TPE331 Turboprop IM and LM
  • TPE331-14 GR/HR IM and LM



  • 737 MAX Navigation
  • Primus 2000
  • Primus Apex (Pilatus, Viking)
  • Primus Epic (Cessna/Dassault/Embraer/Gulfstream)


  • 85 Series APU
  • 131-9 Series
  • 331 Series
  • 36-100 Series HSI and LM
  • 36-150 Series HSI and LM
  • A350XWB (HGT1700)
  • RE100 Series
  • RE220 Series (HGT400)


Environmental Controls:

  • 737-600/700/BBJ1 ECS
  • 737-800/900/BBJ2 ECS
  • 737 MAX ECS
  • A350XWB (AMS)



  • Aspire
  • eNfusion
  • JetWave™
  • MCS7100


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Honeywell Aerospace Training Program Highlights

  • Our new exclusive training agreement covers the complete range of Honeywell Aerospace products.
    – APUs
    – Avionics
    – Engines
    – Environmental controls
    – Satcom
  • We work closely with Honeywell to develop the most effective possible training, incorporating latest best practices and extensive field experience.
  • Training locations for Honeywell products include Asia-Pacific, Europe and locations in North America.
  • Our partnership will significantly increase the quality and effectiveness of the training Honeywell customers receive and extend its availability around the world.
  • Honeywell operators can take advantage of FlightSafety’s online course selection, scheduling and registration.
  • Select Honeywell training will be available online through our eLearning system.
  • In addition to Learning Center and online instruction, we can provide training at your location.
  • Take advantage of access to both airframe and engine training at the same FlightSafety location.
  • Our courseware designers and subject matter experts work closely with Honeywell to develop new courseware and update existing materials to be aircraft and platform specific.
  • Our partnership leverages Honeywell’s expertise and FlightSafety’s experience as the world’s premier professional aviation training company and supplier of flight simulators, visual systems and displays to commercial, government and military organizations.
  • Two new Honeywell eLearning Course are now available.  They include:  Aircraft Data Recovery and Analysis Software (ADRAS-32) for technicians/engineers with experience analyzing Solid State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR) information and Airline Reconfiguration Tool (ART) for technicians/engineers with experience reconfiguring Communication Navigation Units (CMU) and Air Traffic Services Unit (ATSU) Airline Operational Control (AOC) databases.