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Cessna Citation Sovereign, Sovereign+

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Cessna Citation Sovereign/Sovereign+

Professional Pilot and Technician Training Programs
FlightSafety Textron Aviation Training utilizes the combined capabilities of two global leaders for comprehensive, professional training for pilots and maintenance technicians on the Citation Sovereign and Sovereign+. Cessna Citation Sovereign pilot training is available at Learning Centers in Columbus, Ohio; London Farnborough, United Kingdom; and Orlando, Florida. Citation Sovereign and Sovereign+ training is available in Wichita, Kansas. We offer a full range of maintenance training at our Wichita Maintenance Learning Center.

Innovation With One Purpose: Training Corporate Aviation Professionals for Safety and Proficiency
Our highly qualified and experienced instructors, advanced-technology flight simulators and integrated training systems help ensure proficiency. Aviation professionals leverage decades of instruction knowledge and manufacturing expertise for an unmatched training environment.

Experienced Instructors, Superior Training Technology
FlightSafety Textron Aviation Training enjoys a strong relationship with Cessna that is built around our programs for the full line of Cessna Citation business jets. Our Learning Centers offer Cessna Citation pilots and maintenance technicians the resources to achieve proficiency and safety. Citation Learning Centers are located in Atlanta, Georgia; Carlsbad, California; Columbus, Ohio; London Farnborough, United Kingdom; Orlando, Florida; San Antonio, Texas; Tampa, Florida; and Wichita, Kansas – sites chosen for customer convenience and proximity to major service facilities.


Cessna Citation Sovereign/Sovereign+ Training Program Highlights

  • Online, instructor-led ground school and maintenance training is available for the Citation Sovereign through FlightSafety’s LiveLearning. This flexible delivery is ideal for complex training at a distance.
  • FlightSafety has been training Sovereign pilots since the first aircraft delivery in 2004. Many of the original Sovereign instructors now deliver training for the Sovereign+.
  • Customized training programs are available to meet specific training needs.
  • Our Orlando and Wichita Learning Centers are conveniently located next to major Cessna service centers.
  • Simulators have been recently upgraded to the latest Honeywell Phase 5.2.
  • FlightBag, our second-generation training materials app, allows you to download complete training materials and access them wherever you are from any device. Materials are updated automatically as new information becomes available, yet it keeps all of your previous notes.
  • Advance your career while enhancing safety and improving dispatch reliability with FlightSafety’s exclusive Master Technician training for the Cessna Citation Sovereign/Sovereign+. Master Technicians are recognized throughout the industry as having achieved the pinnacle of training for their aircraft.
  • Our 65,000-square-foot Wichita Maintenance Learning Center is located next door to the Cessna Citation Service Center. This facility offers the ultimate training experience for maintenance technicians.