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Master Aviator

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Our Master Aviator program builds on your proven flying abilities with challenging training that expands your skills and prepares you to react correctly to a broad range of demanding, unexpected situations. To become a Master Aviator, complete a series of advanced pilot training courses and your choice of electives. Gain a deeper knowledge of your fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter, advance your professional development, enhance safety, and strengthen all aspects of your flight department.

Master a Higher Level of Aviation Skills
Our progressive curriculum expands aviation education beyond the fundamentals covered by initial and recurrent training, and lets you take advantage of the benefits that come with joining an elite group of Master Aviators.


  • Industry and peer recognition
  • Deeper knowledge of the aircraft you fly, helping ensure a safe and correct response to unexpected situations
  • Improved airmanship with advanced aircraft-specific courses designed to enhance flying skills, decision-making and crew communication
  • Advanced professional and personal development

There’s No Limit
Once you achieve Master Aviator status in one aircraft model, you can expand your skill sets and career possibilities by becoming a Master Aviator in additional fixed-wing aircraft and/or helicopters. There is no limit to your learning, or the number of aircraft for which you can earn the status of Master Aviator.