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Unmatched Customer Benefits

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Unmatched Customer Benefits – Proficiency Protection


No-Cost Training for Recently Unemployed Business Aircraft Pilots and Technicians
Business aircraft pilots and technicians who have lost their jobs on or after January 1, 2012, as a result of workforce reduction or job elimination now have one less thing to worry about thanks to our Proficiency Protection program, available exclusively from FlightSafety International, the world leader in professional aviation training. The program will help these Customers maintain their proficiency while they pursue new employment opportunities. Pilots who have become involuntarily unemployed can receive recurrent training at no cost in an aircraft type they trained on under a FlightSafety Full Service agreement. Technicians enrolled in the Master Technician program can receive the next course toward their Master Technician Award at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take advantage of this no-cost training?

Those who met the following criteria at the time of job loss.

  • Was employed full time as a pilot or technician of a business aircraft.
  • Was training with FlightSafety for a minimum of two consecutive years under a Full Service pilot contract in good standing or enrolled in the Master Technician program.
  • Became involuntarily unemployed as a result of staff reduction or job elimination since January 1, 2012.
  • Pilots and maintenance technicians who have taken FlightSafety training since their job loss; who have been hired for a new position; or who have been laid off temporarily, furloughed or become unemployed for other reasons are not eligible.


What training will I receive and when?
  • Pilots can receive a recurrent training course in an aircraft type the pilot trained on under the Full Service agreement the pilot was on at the time of job loss.
  • Technicians can receive the next course required in their pursuit of a Master Technician rating for the aircraft type they specified at the time of enrollment in the program.
  • FlightSafety will schedule the training on an as-available basis once eligibility has been verified.
  • Training must be completed while the pilot or technician remains unemployed and must begin within 12 months of the completion of the last training event.
Are there any obligations on my part?
  • No. We are doing this to help you.
  • Pilots or technicians who take advantage of this offer will not be required to repay the cost of the course, or to enter into a new training agreement once re-employed.
What else do I need to know?
  • FlightSafety reserves the right to contact your former employer and to take other steps to verify your eligibility.
  • Training is available only as we’ve outlined above – the course you are eligible for cannot be substituted for a different course.
  • This program is subject to change or withdrawal at any time.
  • Eligibility and scheduling will be determined solely by FlightSafety.
  • While the actual training is offered at no cost, other expenses such as travel, accommodations and any applicable taxes are your responsibility.
  • This offer is void if you become employed prior to taking your no-cost recurrent training.
How do I request my no-cost training?
  • Please download the Pilot or Technician application and return it along with documentation that verifies involuntary job loss.
  • A FlightSafety representative will contact you to confirm your eligibility.
  • Please email for additional information.

June 2020