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Unmatched Customer Benefits

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Unmatched Customer Benefits – Added Value

Added Value

We put our Customers at the center of our services, adding value whenever possible. That includes everything from our Full Service program’s cost-savings and proficiency-enhancing offerings to our Extended Advantage program’s preferred access and pricing to premium, industry-leading products and services.

Full Service Agreement

Continuous Enrollment Offers Training to Proficiency and Cost Benefits
Our Customers are at the center of everything we do. We listen to your needs, then work to meet or exceed your expectations. Nowhere is that more evident than with the FlightSafety Full Service Agreement. Train to proficiency at your own pace. Take advantage of the finest equipment, instructors and courseware available. Enroll in initial or recurrent training for multiple aircraft and keep up to date with specialty and enrichment courses. All while eliminating budget guesswork.

Full Service Training Advantages

The Full Service Advantage
Our exclusive Full Service Agreement – essentially a continuous subscription to our world-class training – locks in costs for a minimum of two years while delivering a broad range of training advantages.

  • Train to Proficiency – No additional cost for extra simulator time when available.
  • Multiple Training Sessions – Additional recurrent training on primary aircraft, at no extra charge.
  • Multiple Aircraft Training – Recurrent training on second aircraft at no extra charge (second aircraft must be at a lower rate).
  • Reduced Cost on Third Aircraft – Initial or recurrent one-time training is available on a third aircraft at 50 percent of the one-time cost, if Full Service cost of that program is equal to or less than the cost of the primary aircraft program.
  • Proficiency Protection – Maintain your skills even when you’re between jobs with no-charge recurrent training. Conditions apply.

Additional Full Service Training Financial Benefits

  • Cost Savings – Full Service pricing provides significant savings over one-time retail rates.
  • Upgradable – Agreements can be upgraded to accommodate larger aircraft acquisitions.
  • Reduced Insurance – Many insurance carriers offer preferred rates to Full Service subscribers.
Pilot Enrichment

These supplemental programs address subjects such as Cold Weather Operations, ALAR/CFIT, TAWS, TCAS/ACAS, and Weather Radar and are delivered via LiveLearning, which is online instructor-led training.  Many of these Enrichment programs are available at no charge to Full Service Customers.


Full Service Customers enjoy reduced-rate access to our enrichment and safety libraries, as well as International Procedures Recurrent and Hazmat “will not carry” eLearning Courses. See our eLearning page for current offerings.

Specialty Courses

Full Service Customers have access, often at reduced rates, to a wide variety of type-specific, instructor-led specialty courses such as Differences, CAT II and Avionics Familiarization, as well as general specialty courses such as International Procedures and Crew Resource Management Seminars. Some courses are available in eLearning format.

Event Based Maintenance Agreement

Our Maintenance Event Based Training contract is another way we add value as it provides significant savings from retail pricing.  Over 500 companies have taken advantage of this program to meet their budgeting needs and add flexibility to their training program.

Financial Advantages
  • Not only does this program provide cost savings, once you enroll rates are set with no price escalation for the duration of your agreement term.
  • Term length can be set for one, two or three years.
  • The more events you purchase the greater the savings.
  • Works with your budget offering annual, semi-annual or quarterly billing periods.
  • If for any reason during the agreement term your requirements change, you may use our remaining events for any of the over 400 maintenance courses offered.  This includes items such as aircraft or employee changes.
  • Events can also be used for some flight attendant or crew member courses as well as select eLearning courses.
Roll-Over Effect
  • If at the end of the agreement term you have events remaining, the unused monetary value can be transferred to your new maintenance training agreement.
  • If additional events are needed prior to agreement term end, they may be added and the billing plan will be adjusted to include the additional events.

Complimentary Life Insurance

Added Returns on Your Commitment
Full-service professional pilots are eligible for free accident insurance once they earn a ProCard. Initial coverage is for $50,000 and increases by $10,000 increments each time a pilot completes another training program within an eight-month period. The maximum insurance coverage is $100,000. Accident insurance coverage terminates when the applicable ProCard expires, or the pilot is terminated from a full-service contract. Although copilots are not eligible to earn ProCards, they can receive accident insurance if they train with a pilot in command (PIC) and operate aircraft with a FlightSafety-trained PIC.

Extended Advantage

Preferred Access to Premium Services
You know the safety advantages of training with FlightSafety, the worldwide professional aviation training leader. Now discover savings, and preferred access to premium services through our Extended Advantage program. Whether you need help implementing a Safety Management System, you are looking to move to a paperless cockpit, or you need additional training and support services, the Extended Advantage Program includes the products and services that you need.

As a FlightSafety Customer, you can take advantage of significant discounts and other benefits offered by an impressive array of leading companies. FlightSafety proudly allies with these innovative leaders to offer you exclusive benefits. Simply log into your myFlightSafety account to review a range of offers – from safety-enhancing services to flight department support to products of interest for aviation professionals. We carefully choose these alliances based on integrity, a commitment to excellence and improving aviation safety, along with a willingness to extend truly exceptional offers to our Customers.