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Flight Simulation

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Interactive Training


FlightSafety leverages decades of experience and world class engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide a powerful suite of innovative products, including FlightSmart®, MissionFit™ and MATRIX.

FlightSafety FlightSmart®

FlightSmart is an advanced, automated tool that employs AI and Machine Learning, developed in collaboration with IBM, to provide objective analysis of a crew member’s performance and discover trends for better training management. FlightSmart is the comprehensive solution for crew member remediation, instructor insight and organizational training plan adaption. A complete assessment of the training environment supports effective adaptive learning and program refinement. Empowered with these sophisticated insights, instructors serve as learning managers.

Features & Attributes
  • Delivers objective and intelligent assessment of crew member performance throughout the training environment
  • Reduces time to task mastery and increases course throughput, helping ease pilot shortage
  • Enables personalized training paths, as opposed to a rigid, one-size fits-all syllabus
  • Provides insights into crew member performance not otherwise available to the instructor
  • Supports adaptive learning, competency based training and assessment (CBTA), and evidence based training (EBT)
  • Identifies gaps and trends in individual crew member or population performance leading to improvements in training curriculum

Commercial Application

  • Ab-Initio training programs and flight schools
  • Professional training organizations
  • Candidate screening
  • Regional and Commercial Air Transport training operations

Military and Government Applications

  • Primary flight training
  • Advanced flight training

Technical Specifications

  • Secure, web-based interface designed for tablet and PC
  • Adaptable to training devices manufactured by other OEMs
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud (Commercial & Government) solutions
  • Adaptive Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning functionality are native to the application

MissionFit™ Flight Training Device & Interactive Training

MissionFit, a state-of-the-art, mobile Flight Training Device and Interactive Training System designed to be intuitive, reconfigurable, inexpensive and easy-to-use. MissionFit is an ideal choice for customers seeking a low-cost training device for ground school, Systems Integration Training (SIT), avionics familiarization and limited flight training. MissionFit is a technological advantage to accompany any training program and can be deployed in virtually any location, including offices, conference rooms,  Fixed Based Operations (FBOs) and military bases.

Features & Benefits
  • Seamless true scale graphically simulated cockpit
  • Access to any digital training materials
  • Optional wireless SmartPanels, for flight guidance, multi-function keyboards and cursor control devices
  • Normal, abnormal and emergency procedures training
  • Capable of Part 60 Level 5 qualification
  • Easily reconfigurable to other aircraft types
  • Easy-to-use instructor controls from any smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Modular and mobile design allows tearing down, moving and setup without tools
  • Powered from any standard outlet
  • Single-button on/off operation

MATRIX Integrated Learning

FlightSafety’s integrated learning system – MATRIX – brings the realities of the Level D simulator experience into the classroom and to other training devices. MATRIX consists of the DeskTop Simulator, Integrated Courseware and Graphical Flight-deck Simulator. This innovative suite of flight training tools features shared applications and graphics. By drawing on the same powerful software that drives our Level D full flight simulators, MATRIX creates a consistent progression of training suitable for the most rigorous proficiency demands.

DeskTop Simulator
The DeskTop Simulator can be used for instructor-led or self-paced instruction. It is an interactive PC-based training system used to demonstrate and learn the function and control of aircraft systems. It provides an interactive representation of the cockpit displayed on multiple touch- screen monitors. This enables the pilot or technician to monitor or execute all the functions that would be performed in an aircraft.

Graphical Flight-deck Simulator
The Graphical Flight-deck Simulator provides an interactive representation of the cockpit displayed on multiple touch-screen monitors. This allows the user to monitor or carry out virtually all the functions that would be performed in the aircraft. System schematics and flows are illustrated through animated graphics. An instructor operating station with the same appearance provides control of the Graphical Flight-deck Simulator, just as on our full flight simulators.