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Flight Simulation

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Flight Simulation – VITAL Visual System

VITAL 1100 Visual System

FlightSafety’s VITAL visual system provides pilots with simulator training that features realistic, detailed, high-resolution views designed to enhance safety. More than 1,000 VITAL visual systems have been designed, manufactured and installed in 42 countries to date.

VITAL 1100 Visual System Highlights

  • VITAL 1100, our current state-of-the-art visual system, provides high-performance, low-cost training solutions for both civil and military applications. VITAL 1100 incorporates Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) PC graphics hardware, advanced PC Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) and a comprehensive Display Management System. These components dramatically reduce initial and recurring system costs, maximize system performance, improve scene fidelity, optimize display quality and enhance system flexibility. The system replicates real-world scenes with satellite imagery and unique, high-resolution rendering techniques.
  • Multichannel image generators display high-resolution, photorealistic images and provide up to 512 six-degrees-of-freedom moving models with full animations and articulations.
  • Combined with the latest state-of-the-art high-resolution projectors, VITAL 1100 wraps the flight deck in a seamless image and reproduces day and night scenes accurately for all kinds of weather. It is capable of producing up to 500,000 polygons per channel along with accurate environmental conditions, providing stunning detail and rich scene content.
  • VITAL 1100 flight operations include visual navigation, instrument flight and landing capabilities.
  • The system is compatible with NVG, HUD and EVS and supports FLIR, ColorTV, LLTV/EO, ALLTV and DVO sensors and exceeds FAA Level D standards.
  • VITAL 1100 provides a whole-Earth model called Global Synthetic Natural Environment (GSNE). The worldwide database incorporates the latest terrain information with geo-specific satellite images for unprecedented realism. This allows the user to fly continuous, no-break flights anywhere in the world.
  • Our CrewView solid mirror display solution provides a bright, high contrast, distortion free out of the window scene over a field of view of 200 by 40 degrees. In fact, fields of view as great as 300 by 60 degrees can be provided if needed.


VITAL 1100 for Military Purposes