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Advanced Pilot Training

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FlightSafety offers a series of advanced pilot courses designed to enable flight crews to respond to challenging situations and achieve the highest level of safety, while developing solid flying skills, swift and accurate decisions, and precise crew communication. Our progressive curriculum expands aviation education beyond the fundamentals covered by initial and recurrent training. Compelling scenarios, coupled with breakthroughs in simulator technology, deliver deeper knowledge of the aircraft and help ensure a safe and correct response to various flight situations.

Fixed-Wing Curriculum

Select courses are available for various Bombardier, Cessna Citation, Dassault Falcon, Embraer, Gulfstream, and Pilatus aircraft.

Helicopter Curriculum

Select courses are available for various Airbus Helicopters, Bell, Leonardo and Sikorsky aircraft.

Advanced Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

In-flight loss of control represents the single greatest cause of fatal aviation accidents in the last decade. This course provides an academic review, demonstration and practice of the full flight envelope of the airplane and presents compelling scenarios that allow pilots to safely experience and recover from historically accurate, fatal, in-flight upset events in a way that would be far too dangerous to experience in an actual aircraft. Our state-of-the-art simulators incorporate an aerodynamic model that replicates the flight envelope from full aerodynamic stall to speeds well beyond VMO/MMO.

In-Aircraft Upset Recovery Training

In partnership with Flight Research, In-Aircraft Upset Recovery Training aims to reduce loss of control in-flight accidents by complementing FlightSafety International’s unmatched type-specific simulator training with in-aircraft instruction.

Experience inflight upset with real gravitational forces, vestibular excitation and mental stress that can only be delivered in a plane; further building upon FlightSafety’s simulation programs that replicate scenarios which cannot be safely accomplished in an aircraft.

Advanced Energy Management

Prepare your crew to resolve high-energy problems while they are still easily handled with Advanced Energy Management. Designed to enhance your skills with targeted aircraft-specific training, this master-level course is available for both fixed wing and helicopter pilots.

Fixed-Wing Curriculum
With the completion of up to 10 different scenarios in each 2-hour simulator period, pilots will learn the tools available to understand their “energy state” at any given point on the descent.

By utilizing these tools, pilots will be able to predict in advance whether or not they will meet stabilized approach criteria while still very far out from touchdown. This will allow flight crews to act much earlier than before in resolving any high energy problems while they are still easily handled, leading to far more stabilized approaches. Courses are available for various Bombardier, Dassault Falcon and Gulfstream aircraft.

Helicopter Curriculum
The Advanced Energy Management – Rotorcraft course increases a pilot’s understanding of helicopter aerodynamics, provides training opportunities to apply new information and introduces techniques to be used by pilots to improve control of the helicopter and rotor energy during normal & abnormal operations. Courses are available for various Airbus Helicopters, Bell, Leonardo and Sikorsky aircraft.

Advanced Rejected Takeoff Go/No-Go

During this four-hour course, each crew member will face up to 18 different scenarios, requiring a decision by the flight crew to either continue the takeoff or abort. In addition to promoting go/no-go decision-making proficiency, this invaluable course also gives pilots an opportunity to fly their aircraft under the high stress and demands of an emergency return to the airport in the case of an extreme emergency after takeoff. Each pilot will have the opportunity to practice multiple emergency return scenarios to proficiency.

Advanced CRM, Human Factors LOFT

A highly integrated and challenging curriculum that measures and helps improve flight crew ability to perform as a tightly coordinated unit during a long-range international flight. Aircraft issues arise that significantly affect passengers, requiring complex decision-making by the crew. Optimal outcome hinges on crew competency in coordination, communication, monitoring skills, intervention protocols, resilience to unforeseen events and response to a startling event. Course highlights crew proficiency in crew resource management and selected aspects identified for subsequent discussion. Objective: demonstrate that no matter how competent one might be technically, weaknesses in communication and CRM skills can lead to an unsatisfactory or unexpected outcome.

Advanced Helicopter Crew Resource Management

Become familiar with the basic aspects of CRM as it uniquely applies to helicopter operation. You’ll learn how situational awareness, conflict resolution and communication skills combat negative issues which may arise on the helicopter. Recognize how effective crew performance and decision- making can overcome situations caused by error chains, human factors and fatigued or stressed operators. Lead the way in enhancing the safety of your passengers by mastering proper crew resource management.

Courses are available for various aircraft from Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter, Leonardo Helicopters and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.

Advanced Helicopter Surviving Inadvertent IMC

When weather conditions unexpectedly and rapidly obscure a view, it’s critical to have a sound and well-practiced strategy to maintain the safety of your aircraft. Decisions made in the first pivotal moments will decide the outcome. This course gives you the tools needed to react appropriately. Discover the major causes for inadvertent IMC accidents and learn preflight and in-flight strategies to avoid IMC. Master best practices for the safest responses to inadvertent IMC. Learn successful strategies to ensure that flights conform to plan and don’t exceed training or equipment. Instruction stresses human factors such as decision-making and breaking the error chain.

Courses are available for various aircraft from Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter, Leonardo Helicopters and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.