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The Greatest Value in Aviation Training

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The Greatest Value in Aviation Training – Outstanding Service

Our Teammates Make the Difference

Our focus on employing the right people demonstrates our firm belief that those who help our Customers train are as important as the technology used. Each of our 1,800 world-class instructors possesses a high degree of industry knowledge to accompany the technical skills needed for personalized instruction. Our programs remain relevant to real-world situations and include the latest, best practices and bulletins. Customers benefit from the expertise of our simulation engineers, who bring decades of experience in building advanced equipment. Our highly trained technicians maintain every piece of equipment with master precision.

Comprehensive Services, Tailored to Specific Needs
Aviation professionals worldwide rely on us to provide the highest-quality training and outstanding service. Approved by aviation regulatory authorities worldwide, our training demonstrates a clear advantage in the quality of our instructors and courseware. With instruction individualized to specific needs, Customers receive custom support and service. Our instructors are committed to each Customer’s proficiency and success with every classroom representing an opportunity to deliver outstanding and unmatched quality.

Building Simulators and Training Technology
Commercial, government and military organizations worldwide rely on our full flight simulators for their training programs. Our engineers have led the way in technological innovations and custom design, built specifically to Customers’ needs. The new FlightSafety FS1000 full flight simulators exactly replicate the aircraft they represent and are qualified to the world’s highest standards. The MATRIX integrated training system allows a seamless progression of instruction that starts with the classroom and extends into self-paced sessions.Our VITAL visual systems set the standard in performance and fidelity. Our CrewView collimated glass mirror displays offer unmatched distortion-free optical performance with greater clarity, sharpness and brightness.

Master Aviator™ and Master Technician – The Highest Standards in Safety
For the best fixed-wing and helicopter pilots, we offer the ultimate challenge of flying abilities – the Master Aviator™ program. Completing a range of advanced-level courses gives pilots a deeper understanding of their aircraft that only the best of the best possess. We recognize them as pilots who have achieved the highest standards and shown a true dedication to safety.

The Master Technician program provides aviation maintenance professionals with in-depth instruction and real-world practical training. This unique program, developed in close collaboration with manufacturers, is designed to enable technicians to further enhance their contributions to the safety, reliability and operating efficiency of the aircraft or components they support and maintain.