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Government and Military – Simulators, Displays and Visual Systems

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Government and Military – Simulators, Displays and Visual Systems – VITAL 1100

VITAL 1100 – High Resolution Simulation for Visual Acuity

Combined with the latest state-of-the-art high-resolution projectors, VITAL 1100 offers out-the-window fields of view over 300 degrees horizontal and 70 vertical, delivering resolutions with tens of millions of pixels.

Instrument Flight, Visual Navigation, Takeoff and Landing
VITAL 1100 supplies aircrews with the out-the-window visual information they need for flight training in the simulator. The system simulates the imagery and environmental conditions experienced during aircraft taxi, takeoff, en-route and tactical flight operations, visual navigational and instrument flight, and landing maneuvers. Simulated flight conditions include continuous time of day, night, dawn/dusk, and a comprehensive set of physics-based weather features.


VITAL 1100 – State-of-the-art visuals for unprecedented fidelity.

VITAL 1100 State-of-the-Art Visual Systems
Our exclusive VITAL 1100 visual system provides pilots with simulator training that features realistic, detailed, high-resolution views designed to enhance safety. Combine VITAL 1100 with our ground-breaking all-glass CrewView mirror displays for the ultimate in simulation training fidelity. VITAL 1100 enhances the learning experience in everything from full flight simulators to a complete range of advanced training devices. The system provides pilots with the out-the-window and sensor information needed to operate the aircraft and fulfill operational missions. It features five times greater computational performance than predecessor systems for exceptional visual realism. Environmental effects, such as physics-based weather models, develop and react as in the real world. Dynamic shadowing and enhanced shading add a new dimension to the training environment.

Using the latest PC technology and high-performance off-the-shelf graphics processors, VITAL 1100 provides a fully certifiable PC image generator. It maintains the proper throughput required for the highest military accreditation levels for fast jet and high performance aircraft simulators such as F-16, T-38 and T-6, tanker and transport including KC-46, KC-10, KC-135, C-17, C-5, C-12, C-130 and numerous rotary wing and tilt-rotor platforms for the Army, USN/USMC and USAF.

Compatible With Other Systems
The system is completely compatible with other aircraft systems such as head-up displays, enhanced and synthetic vision systems and radar. VITAL 1100 also simulates high quality forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and electro-optical sensors including ColorTV, LowLightTV, All Light Level TV and aircraft remote direct view camera systems. VITAL 1100 also exceeds the FAA Level D and military equivalent standards for training with night vision devices.

Worldwide Training Environment
VITAL 1100 provides a whole-Earth model for a realistic training environment between high detail airport and other objective area models. The worldwide database incorporates the latest terrain information with geo-specific satellite images for unprecedented realism. This allows the aircrew to fly continuous, no-break flights anywhere in the world. For enhanced realism, the worldwide database includes sophisticated weather simulation that can be controlled automatically by current and forecast weather inputs of temperature, humidity, wind, ceilings and visibility. Seasonal weather includes snow, ice, hail and rainfall.


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