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Government and Military – Simulators, Displays and Visual Systems

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Government and Military – Simulators, Displays and Visual Systems – CrewView Displays

CrewView All-Glass Mirror Displays

True Collimated Images
Our glass mirror displays provide superior optical performance, sharper image clarity, long-term reliability, and are night vision capable. The true collimated images they present are free of visible distortions and artifacts out to mirror edge, eliminating ground rush distortion in the bottom field of view. Combined with our VITAL visual system, CrewView delivers unprecedented simulation training fidelity.

Up to 300-Degree Fields of View
The all-glass CrewView displays offer the industry’s greatest level of realism. Its modular design produces fields of view (FOV) up to 300 degrees horizontally, providing significant improvements in realism and situational awareness. By filling the entire aircraft window, these devices also allow greater levels of training and effectiveness by moving critical training tasks (checking for prop feathering, checking landing gear deployment, brown out training, search and rescue scans and advanced mission rehearsal scenarios) out of the aircraft and into the simulator, further reducing costs and risks.

Containerized Flight Training Devices (CFTD)
FlightSafety can offer a variety of Containerized Flight Training Devices to meet a wide range of training and budget requirements. These devices can feature high performance visuals, including the VITAL 1100 and the all-glass CrewView display, to create a high-fidelity device in a containerized system that can be relocated, deployed or transported based on mission, training and budget requirements.

Wide Angle Single Pilot (WASP) Fast Jet Displays
The WASP family of displays is a series of custom developed displays configured to meet the needs of fast jet training requirements. Designed to meet a multitude of training tasks and budgets, these displays provide full field of view training for a variety of fast jet aircraft including F-16, F-18, F-22, JSF/F-35 and BAE Hawk.


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