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Night Vision Goggles Training

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Night Vision Goggles Training – Precision Technology

Night Vision Goggle Pilot Training

Enhancing Safety Through Precision Technology
Within a simulator, operators train in total safety on NVG emergency procedures which are too dangerous to replicate in actual flight. Our exclusive VITAL 1100 visual system provides pilots with simulator training that features realistic, detailed, high-resolution views designed for precision training. VITAL 1100 also simulates high quality forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and electro-optical sensors including ColorTV, LowLightTV, All Light Level TV and aircraft remote direct view camera systems. The VITAL 1100 experience also exceeds the FAA Level D and military equivalent standards for NVG training.

Night Vision Goggles Pilot Training

FlightSafety currently offers NVG training at our Dallas (South) Learning Center on these listed models, with additional models to be introduced in the future:

  • Airbus Helicopters H135
  • Bell 212/412


Through ground school and simulator course work, curriculum includes:

  • Component identification and pre-operation and functional checks
  • Briefing and crew resource management (CRM) issues related to NVG flight
  • Pre-flight, takeoff, en route, approach and landing considerations for a prepared or unprepared landing zone
  • Regulatory and procedural guidance
  • Limitations and flight operations
  • Normal, abnormal and emergency operations
  • Flight planning
  • Aeromedical factors
  • Performance and scene interpretation
  • Night terrain interpretation