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Master Technician

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Master Technician – Airframe

Earn Your Master Technician – Airframe Certificate

Our progressive curriculum follows a five-step process ensuring you receive instruction on all the skills necessary to become a Master Technician. To earn the Master Technician – Airframe certificate, complete five courses, which include mandatory core courses and electives. 

Mandatory Courses

All candidates for Master Technician – Airframe must complete the following:

  • Aircraft-Specific Initial
  • Aircraft-Specific Update
  • Aircraft-Specific Advanced Troubleshooting*
  • Aircraft-Specific Operational Maintenance Procedures*


*If not available, alternate courses will be added.


Choose one of these courses:

  • Airframe Practical 5- or 10-day Course
  • Aircraft-Specific Fault Analysis
  • Aircraft-Specific Engine Run and Taxi
  • Aircraft Specific Avionics

Manage Your Career

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