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Dassault Falcon LiveLearning®

Dassault Falcon LiveLearning®

Online Instructor-Led Training
Maintain the highest level of skill and safety with web-based, instructor-led Dassault Falcon pilot and maintenance technician training. Gain direct online access to the industry’s most knowledgeable instructors and satisfy your ongoing training needs.

Our Instructors Make All the Difference
Our instructors are committed to each Customer’s proficiency and success, with every online classroom representing an opportunity to provide the highest-quality professional aviation training available today.

Falcon LiveLearning Dassault_Falcon_Online_Training

Dassault Falcon LiveLearning Recurrent Pilot Training

This course is designed to save time away from home by replacing the traditional two-day ground school conducted at the Learning Center with online, instructor-led ground school. Training includes live class surveys, videos and interactive demonstrations. Upon completion, the pilot will have 90 days to complete the required validated examination and simulator training. FAA-approved and suitable for EASA operators.

Available Programs

  • Falcon 2000
  • Falcon 50EX
  • Falcon 7X
  • Falcon 8X
  • Falcon 900 (EASA only)
  • Falcon 900EX EASy Series
  • Falcon 2000EX EASy Series

Advanced Upset Prevention & Recovery Training LiveLearning

Advanced Upset Prevention & Recovery Training presents compelling scenarios that allow pilots to safely experience and recover from historically accurate, fatal, in-flight upset events in a controlled environment. To reduce time in-center, Advanced UPRT LiveLearning replaces the traditional in-center ground school with an online, instructor-led ground school. Upon completion, the pilot will have 90 days to complete the simulator portion.

Training is available for the Falcon 7X, 900EX EASy and 2000EX EASy. Pilots must train in the same make and model that they have currently trained on within the past 12 months with FlightSafety. For EASA UPRT, please visit FlightSafety eLearning.

Dassault Falcon LiveLearning Maintenance Training

We provide web-based, instructor-led maintenance training for every Dassault Falcon model. Expand proficiency and meet your operational training needs with real-time interaction with our experienced maintenance instructors, courseware and peers. For information on our regulatory training, please contact us.

Online Course Type

  • Maintenance Initial
  • Maintenance Update
  • Maintenance Familiarization
  • Maintenance Differences
  • Avionics