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Human Factors CRM Training

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Human Factors Crew Resource Management Training

Industry-Leading Human Factors CRM Training

Our training is more than just a knowledge transfer. By pairing expert FlightSafety instructors with a modern training curriculum developed to the highest ICAO standards, our Human Factors CRM training is the best in the industry. Our highly relevant and practical training readies your operation to conduct safer and more efficient operations, meet regulatory requirements, and actually put your skills to use.

Training for All Operators

By designing our Human Factors CRM training to meet or exceed the highest ICAO recommendations, we have specialized Initial, Recurrent, and Phased Recurrent solutions for operators based in the United States, Europe, Canada, and more. FAA approved and  EASA and Transport Canada compliant.

The Most Comprehensive Human Factors CRM Training in the Industry

FAA Approved • EASA Compliant • Transport Canada Compliant

Our new Human Factors Crew Resource Management (HF CRM) program brings our customers the most comprehensive training solution available. All FlightSafety Human Factors CRM training is built based on ICAO Doc. 9683 recommendations, and helps you meet FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, and more regulatory requirements.

Initial Training

The FlightSafety Human Factors CRM – Initial meets FAA, EASA, and Transport Canada training requirements.  Save time with 4 hours of training completed via online eLearning in advance of the training event. Our HF CRM Initial requires less time on the road.

Recurrent Training

Our Human Factors CRM Recurrent training solutions meet FAA, EASA, and Transport Canada requirements, including fully-online Phased Recurrent options for EASA and Transport Canada operators.

Online Human Factors CRM Training

Visit to view Human Factors CRM courses available online.

Training Solutions

Whether you operate in the United States, in Europe, in Canada, or beyond – we have an HF CRM training solution for you.

Email us at to learn more about how FlightSafety can help you meet your HF CRM training requirements.