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Government and Military – Military Training Equipment

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Government and Military – Military Training Equipment – Support Systems Training

Support Systems Training

In addition to pilot and maintenance training and training systems for government and military aircraft, FlightSafety offers a broad range of support missions. We can design customized training to meet your specific needs.

Enhanced ATARS Vision Systems
We integrate advanced visual systems that present highly detailed, texture-enhanced scenes in simulators used for Air Force pilots under Aircrew Training and Rehearsal Support (ATARS). Modernization and sustainment upgrades incorporating our VITAL visual system have significantly improved training in a variety of more than 20 devices, including multiple simulators for AC-130 Gunship, HC-130, MC-130, HH-60G, UH-1N and U-28.

C-130 ATS Visual Replacement Program
Our VITAL visual system was selected as the replacement for the C-130 ATS simulators. FlightSafety delivered 10 VITAL systems for this important program. Deliveries of the VITAL systems included the system’s comprehensive Display Management System (DMS). DMS offers a complete auto-calibration capability that ensures the color, intensity and geometry properties of the multichannel displays are maintained at the highest fidelity for every training sortie.

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HC-130P Weapons Systems Trainer
We conduct training under the U.S. Air Force TSA II Omnibus Program for two HC-130P Combat Search and Rescue Weapons Systems Trainers for the Air Force Special Missions Command and Air Force Reserve Command. FlightSafety Simulation Systems in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is responsible for the design and manufacture of the trainers. They are qualified to the Air Force equivalent of a Federal Aviation Administration Level D flight simulator.

Guns and Rescue
We were awarded a Guns and Rescue contract by the U.S. Air Force to modify and upgrade several WSTs, including one AC-130U, one MC-130E, two MC-130Hs, one MC-130P and two UH-60Gs. The modifications and upgrades include items such as Link-16 concurrency for training and live feeds, Link-16 courseware, incorporation of CSU-II, ROVER and M2MSA into Link-16, new IOSs, flight-deck ambient lighting and updating the 65000 Data Transfer System simulation to receive current PFPS data.

We received a contract to design and manufacture three advanced-technology aircraft simulators for the Canadian Forces Contracted Flying Training and Support Program (CFTS). Allied Wings, a consortium of Canadian companies led by Kelowna Flightcraft Limited of British Columbia, was awarded the CFTS program contract by the Canadian Government. As a sub to Atlantis Systems International of Brampton, Ontario, a member of the consortium, FlightSafety produced two full flight simulators and one Level 5 FTD training device for the Raytheon King Air C-90 and Bell 412 for CFTS.


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