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Defense – Training and Support

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military-aviation-training-kc46a military-aviation-training-kc46a-mobile
Defense – Training and Support – Military Aircraft and Weapons Systems

Training for Virtually Any Military Aircraft or Weapons System


Our support for the KC-46A, the U.S. Air Force’s new multi-purpose aircraft, includes developing curriculum, engineering, manufacturing, delivery and support of multiple flight training devices. To meet this extended contract we develop training devices and courseware concurrently with the new aircraft. Training devices and support will include Weapons Systems Trainers, Boom Operator Trainers, a systems integration lab, pilot part-task trainers, boom operator part-task trainers, and fuselage trainers.

In support of the KC-46 mission the flight deck Weapons Systems Trainers are provided with the advanced VITAL 1100 visual image generation equipment with our CrewView glass mirror display and an extensive global environment database. A uniquely designed display configuration is implemented that allows the aircrew to perform realistic air refueling missions as a tanker and as a receiver. Combining very high-resolution projectors and a field of view that extends the effective vertical field of view to 90 degrees air refueling training can be faithfully and safely accomplished in the simulator.

The Weapon System Trainer and Boom Operator Trainer can be linked to perform as a Single Virtual Aircraft or operate independently depending on the training requirements.  The Boom Operator Trainer is also the first ever full motion device of its type in use and  includes a 3D display for the primary visual that enhances the operator’s ability to properly engage the receiving aircraft for a full fidelity training experience.

The KC-46A ATS also includes full-scale fuselage trainers where boom operators can learn safe and effective loading procedures.

KC-10A Extender

military-aviation-training-KC-10 military-aviation-training-KC-10-mobile

Our support for the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command includes 2,000 to 3,000 initial, upgrade and recurrent training events each year for KC-10 pilots, boom operators and flight engineers. We perform contractor logistics support on Weapons Systems Trainers (full flight simulators), Flight Training Devices and Aircrew Systems.

We hold a multi-year contract to provide training support for the KC-10A mission, employing full-motion weapons systems trainers, flight training devices and boom operator flight simulator to train KC-10A crewmembers. Through a modernization upgrade effort, we have added significant fidelity to the training devices with the addition of the VITAL visual system and a continuous global database allowing flight around the world without breaks in the visual scene.  We have also added a full-scale fuselage trainer where boom operators can learn safe and effective loading procedures.

T-38C Talon

military-aviation-training-T38 military-aviation-training-T38-mobile

We operate nearly 40 T-38 training devices as part of our contract for logistics support for the T-38. The T-38C is a converted T-38A/B that incorporates major modernizations to its avionics suite, including an all-glass cockpit with integrated avionics displays, head-up display and an electronic “no-drop bomb” scoring system. This upgraded trainer aircraft is used primarily by the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) to train advanced students in the fighter-bomber track of USAF pilot training. Complementing the aircraft is a new set of aircrew training devices including a 360-degree field-of-view Weapons Systems Trainer that allows for more advanced fighter maneuvering with the addition of the VITAL visual system. We maintain and support T-38C aircrew training devices at six USAF pilot training bases as well as operating a related Training System Support Center.

T-1 Jayhawk

T1A-Jayhawk-Full T1A-Jayhawk-Mobile

We operate and maintain ten T-1 training devices as part of our CLS contract. Air Education and Training Command (AETC) uses these high-fidelity simulators and part-task trainers to train students in the airlift-tanker track of USAF pilot training.  We maintain and support T-1 aircrew training devices at 5 USAF pilot training bases as well as operating a related Training System Support Center.


FlightSafety performs aircrew instruction at 14 locations for the C-17 Globemaster III Training System for the US Air Force’s Air Mobility Command. The program includes both Formal Training Unit and continuation training instruction for pilots and loadmasters as well as program management.  FlightSafety Simulation and Visual Systems also provide on-site support and upgrades for the C-17 simulators and visual systems.

TH-57 Training Devices

FlightSafety, in partnership with Frasca International, provides the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard advanced rotary flight training through the use of 10 Flight Training Devices (FTD’s) and two Central Control Stations.  These devices are used to support the Navy’s TH-57B and TH-57 C (Bell 206 equivalent) aircraft configurations. The FTD’s are provided in the form of three Level Six devices and seven Level Seven devices.  Navy flight training is provided at Naval Air Station Whiting Field and services 550 flight students per year.

TH-73 Training Devices

FlightSafety was recently awarded the TH-73 Aircrew Training System (ATS).  This system will consist of 18 Level Six and Level Seven Flight Training Devices.  The FTD’s will provide a visual system of 240 degrees horizontal by 70 degrees vertical field of view.  Level Seven FTD’s will incorporate motion cueing. This ATS will eventually replace the TH-57 and provide Navy, Marine Corps and Coastguard advanced rotary flight training.


FlightSafety is devoted to supporting the United States Army Flight School XXI Common Core pilot training program with 40 devices located at 3 different locations on and around Ft Rucker, AL. The off post contractor owned facilities house 14 FlightSafety high-fidelity Instrument Flight Trainers and 16 high-fidelity Full Flight Simulators. FlightSafety has produced, supports and maintains all of our devices which includes the UH-72, TH-67 aircraft simulators and the UH-72 Cockpit Procedural Trainers. FlightSafety also produced and supports the United States Air Force helicopter flight training program with 2 TH-1H WST full flight simulators.


FlightSafety supported the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), Air Education and Training Command (AETC), Air Combat Command (ACC) and Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC).  Kirtland, Davis-Monthan, Andrews, and Moody Aircrew Training and Rehearsal Support (KDAM ATARS) contract’s mission the total comprehensive source for:

  • Schoolhouse operations for unique crew positions across six Mission Design Series aircraft
  • Initial qualification training for AFSOC Special Operations Forces aircrews
  • All training for ACC Personnel Recovery aircrews
  • All training for AFGSC Vertical Lift aircrews in Nuclear Security Response
  • All training for Convoy Support and Air Force District of Washington Vertical Lift aircrews

We trained UH-1N and HC-130J aircrews and provide Contractor Logistics Support for HC/MC-130J, HC-130P, UH-1N, HH-60G, and CV-22 aircraft maintaining 11 Weapon System Trainers (WST), one Aircrew Procedures Trainer (APT), one Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System (HTAWS) Desk Top Trainer, one Cockpit Operational Flight Trainer (COFT), three Operational Flight Trainers (OFT), four Load Master Part Task Trainers (LMPTT), one Loadmaster Fuselage Trainer (LFT), two Visual Threat Recognition Avoidance Trainers (VTRAT), two Enhanced Cargo Handling Systems (ECHS), five Desk Top Trainers (DTT), and one Part Task Trainer (PTT).

MQ-9 Reaper

First_MQ-9_Reaper_at_Creech_AFB_2007_Full First-MQ-9-Reaper-at-Creech-AFB-2007-Mobile

FlightSafety has brought its more than 60 years of global leadership in aviation training to the Unmanned Systems/RPA market.  We are actively developing state-of-the art RPA training systems and providing the gold standard in RPA aircrew training to both the government and commercial sectors.

FlightSafety Defense provided MQ-1/9 Government Owned-Contractor Operated (GOCO) Combat Air Patrol (CAP) training at Waco, TX.  This included both pilot and sensor operator training.

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