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FlightSafety Platinum

Table of Contents

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FlightSafety Platinum – The Privileges of Platinum

FlightSafety Platinum – The Privileges of Platinum

  • Receive customized evidence-based training scenarios for your flight department.
  • Select your preferred instructors. (A minimum of two instructors at each Learning Center used.)
  • Enhance your flight department through personalized leadership, business, interpersonal skills, management and mentoring programs.
  • Have FlightSafety instructors fly with your pilots, or have them be part of the crew during the flight.
  • Meet with FlightSafety instructors to develop highly customized training profiles based on your needs, industry trends, FOQA, SOQA, SMS and more.
  • Secure advanced and premium course scheduling.
  • Benefit from FlightSafety Corporate Pilot Pathway second-in-command (SIC) graduates as new-hire candidates, with facilitated sponsorships and internships.
  • Become a member of an advisory board that meets with FlightSafety senior leadership to shape future safety-enhancing products and services.
  • Receive up to five eLearning and LiveLearning courses per year at no cost.