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Introduction to FlightSafety

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Introduction to FlightSafety – Cabin Safety and Dispatcher

Cabin Safety

FlightSafety’s corporate and commercial flight attendant training, meets regulatory requirements and is offered in multiple locations. Passenger and crew emergency training scenarios utilize full-scale facilities designed to replicate real conditions and provide realistic, hands-on training.

Training for any cabin situation, routine or emergency.


Performing one of aviation’s most important roles, aircraft dispatchers share with pilots the ultimate responsibility for safe flights from takeoff to landing. FlightSafety’s specialized aircraft dispatcher and corporate scheduler training equips you to meet this crucial role. Our thorough training includes preparation for FAA certification exams and recurrent training for licensed dispatchers looking to sharpen skills. Courses include FAA License Dispatch training, Corporate Scheduler/Dispatcher training, Flight Operations Training and Operational Control Specialist training for Helicopter Air Ambulance.