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FlightSafety Academy – Our Graduates

FlightSafety Academy – Our Training Commitment

We embrace our founder’s conviction that “The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crew.” FlightSafety Academy retains the most dedicated and professional staff, offering superior safety-built curriculums. We employ a full spectrum of advanced training tools, including nearly 90 dedicated training aircraft.

Every cadet graduating from the Academy leaves equipped with all the tools necessary to be a successful and valued flight deck crew member. We designed our professional pilot initiatives; not only to train the best pilots but to also provide a defined and stable professional career advancement track through Academy Career Pilot positions.

More than 21,000 FlightSafety Academy graduates now fly for or manage 62 airlines and more than 100 corporate flight departments in every corner of the industry.

We are committed to upholding a long-standing tradition as one of the most valuable sources for new-hire professional pilots. Based on regular feedback from airlines, corporations and governments, we successfully maintain that tradition. Graduating cadets possess the professionalism and discipline learned only through the kind of demanding curriculums we deliver. Cadets receive primary and advanced licenses and endorsements while also proving their ability to be dedicated students.