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Flight Simulation

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Flight Simulation – Mixed Reality Explore

FlightSafety Mixed Reality Explore

Immersive Training Redefined by Innovative Technology

Using iDevices or Hololens, FlightSafety’s Mixed Reality Explore enables users to visualize and interact with detailed 3D models in front of their eyes, from virtually anywhere. This allows the user to explore complex subjects and material – examining every aspect and intimately learning how things work. Mixed Reality Explore provides pilots greater proficiency in cockpit familiarization, aircraft preflight, ground and emergency procedures. Non-pilot crewmembers also have the opportunity to train in a physically realistic environment. Maintenance technicians can self-learn and connect with live instructors to master cockpit preflight, aircraft familiarization, maintenance procedures and engine systems.

Pilot training courses can include:

  • Academics
    • Weather
    • Navigation
    • Radio and avionics
    • Cold weather operations
    • Emergency procedures
  • Checklist usage
  • Aircraft preflight
  • Cockpit familiarization

Aircraft maintenance curriculum includes:

  • Basic-complex procedures
  • Checklist usage
  • Aircraft preflight
  • Cockpit familiarization
  • Engine repair
  • Avionics
  • Quality assurance
  • Training by doing

Mixed Reality Explore Features

  • Increased training velocity with new immersive learning tools
  • Optimized student engagement with social collaboration
  • Advanced training outcomes with adaptive training
  • Improved pilot and crew proficiency with intelligent personalized curriculum
  • Accelerated pilot and crew throughput with an adaptive training platform
  • FlightSafety innovation that advances pilot and crew training
  • Increased student hands-on time with cost-effective, personal-use equipment
  • Interactive, highly engaging experience
  • Facilitates hands-free manual access
  • Step-by-step animated guidance
  • All-in-one training package, online updates
  • Included benefits sent to student:
    – Pre-loaded with content/courseware
    – Ready to interact remotely with instructor
    – Virtual checklists
    – Virtual manuals
  • Standard support center


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