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Flight Simulation

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Flight Simulation – Manufacturing Center

A Center of Simulation Excellence

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, keeps us on the cutting edge of simulator engineering and training fidelity. We designed the center to follow a lean manufacturing workflow to ensure maximum efficiency and the highest quality. The 375,000-square-foot center, which opened in 2011, features 19 full flight simulator assembly positions, allowing us to proceed simultaneously with a wide range of projects.

Efficient, Energy-Saving
Our facility includes dedicated areas for component manufacturing, final assembly and shipping and receiving as well as sections for engineering, Customer service and logistics support. The entire facility is designed and built to conserve energy and to provide an efficient and productive work environment.

World-Leading Supplier
We have designed and manufactured more than 720 full flight simulators and more than 100 other advanced training devices since 1978. We use our simulators exclusively in training programs for pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians, flight attendants and other aviation professionals at Learning Centers across the globe. We also are a leading supplier worldwide of aviation training devices to airlines, governments and military agencies.