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Flight Simulation

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Flight Simulation – Equipment and Training Systems

Equipment and Training Systems for the Largest Members of the Fleet

Integrated Training Solutions

Thanks to our work and experience with commercial aircraft operators worldwide, we have perfected an integrated approach to developing highly effective 
and cost-efficient turnkey in-house training facilities.

FlightSafety simulators are:

Part of an integrated training system that includes classroom simulation equipment, flight training devices, full flight simulators and post-flight debriefing systems.

  • Used by airlines and leading organizations worldwide.
  • Known for offering the highest level of realism and fidelity.
  • Designed for maximum reliability and ease of maintenance.
  • Relied upon for their advanced instructional capabilities.
  • Supported by our dedicated team of engineers and specialized technicians.


Deep Resources and Experience

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., one of the most respected and financially secure companies in the world, we have the resources to 
support and deliver on even the largest projects.Our founding in 1951 and long-standing industry leadership give us an unrivaled depth of experience. 
Our simulation products benefit from more than 65 years of training experience. The refinements of each FlightSafety simulator are the result of millions of hours of real-world training.

Innovation With One Purpose:

  • Custom-equipped, modular design
  • Designs based on 65+ years of experience
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified quality
  • Worldwide support
  • Industry-leading fidelity
  • VITAL systems imaging
  • High-resolution visual database
  • Electric motion and control loading
  • Reliable operation and exceptional availability
  • MATRIX integrated training devices that incorporate Level D full flight simulator software


99% of FlightSafety simulators are built to exceed a 99 percent reliability standard.