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Flight Simulation – CrewView Glass Mirror Display

FlightSafety CrewView Technology

The World’s Premier Glass Display

The FlightSafety Simulation and Visual Systems team has produced the world’s first successful glass mirror displays, qualified to the highest training standards of FAA 14 CFR Part 60 Level D. Overcoming challenges of weight and ruggedness necessary to operate in the long-term training regimen for flight simulators with six-degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) motion bases, CrewView offers a superior solution that incorporates glass for the out-the-window display. CrewView provides superior optical performance and sharper image clarity with significant advances in fidelity and field of view. CrewView fills the entire aircraft window, eliminating ground rush distortions and allowing the greatest level of effectiveness in training.

CrewView Features

  • Advanced glass-collimating mirror technology, with great improvements over previous-generation flexible-film mirror technology
  • Superior image clarity and less haze than film-based collimators
  • Elimination of geometric distortions and aberrations
  • Greater image fidelity
  • Perfectly formed to a truly spherical shape, meaning no surface distortions or imperfections
  • Largest field-of-view on motion – up to 300 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical
  • Highly polished mirror surface reduces light scatter, improving reflective brightness, clarity and crispness
  • Competitive lower initial cost
  • Lower sustainment costs can exceed 30 percent in life-cycle savings over film display
  • No costly mirror reskins necessary
  • Glass that can be safely cleaned for continuous image quality or reduce haze by as much as 50 percent
  • Glass can be repaired, eliminating vacuum failures


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