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Flight Simulation

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Flight Simulation – Advanced Technology

Advanced Flight Simulation Tools for Superior Training

FlightSafety is a world leader in the engineering, manufacture and support of full flight simulators and other advanced-technology training devices. Commercial, government and military organizations worldwide rely on our equipment for their training programs. Our full flight simulators provide the highest level of realism and fidelity in aircraft simulation. They feature advanced instructional capabilities designed to exceed our 99 percent reliability standard.

Recent advances in simulation technology by FlightSafety engineers have further increased fidelity and created a more secure training environment.

  • We were the first to engineer, manufacture and deploy flight simulators equipped with electric motion and control loading technology. This enhances motion fidelity, eliminates the need for hydraulic fluids and reduces ambient noise and energy consumption.
  • Our latest state-of-the-art VITAL 1150 visual system replicates real-world scenes with satellite imagery and unique, high-resolution rendering techniques.
  • We have already delivered simulators qualified by the FAA to the latest standards for Upset Recovery and were the first to achieve this goal on Gulfstream 500 flight simulator.
  • We have incorporated widespread use of PC-based architecture and MS Windows simulation that provides accurate simulation and motion cues required for a wide variety of aircraft ranging from light twins to wide-body transports to helicopters.
  • We have manufactured simulators for more than 80 different aircraft types in the past five years.
  • We provide engineering and logistic support to approximately 400 simulators worldwide. Skilled factory-trained technicians from our manufacturing site and throughout our network of Learning Centers provide full and prompt product service, technical support and spares around the world.



Electric Motion and Control Loading

FlightSafety pioneered the use of electric motion systems in flight simulation. Our reliable electric motion and control loading-equipped simulators offer the highest level of fidelity, enhanced performance and increased availability due to a reduction in maintenance requirements. They incorporate our Objective Motion Cueing algorithms to ensure the highest level of realism.

• These simulators have been qualified by the FAA, CAA, DGAC, JCAB, LBA, EASA and other aviation authorities.

• They are in service at FlightSafety Learning Centers, military installations and commercial Customer sites worldwide.