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Flight Simulation – Evolution 360 Dome Display

FlightSafety Evolution 360 Dome Display

The Most Flexible, Vertically Integrated Dome Display Available

FlightSafety’s Evolution 360 Dome Display is the latest in our direct-view projected displays. It provides a 360-degree field of view, the ultimate simulator experience. Its extremely large field of view is an effective tool for specialized training, including fast jet, tactical rotary wing and other applications. Scalable technology is top-of-the-line but still affordable. This design allows up to a 360-degree horizontal field of view by 135 degrees vertical. At the full 360-degree configuration, it requires only 13 laser light projectors, greatly reducing the acquisition cost, footprint, and maintenance.

Commercial Applications

FlightSafety’s 360 Dome display will benefit commercial operators in the following categories.

  • Red Air Companies
  • Demo Teams
  • Airshow Teams

Military and Government Applications

FlightSafety’s 360 Dome display will benefit military and government operators in the following categories.

  • Fast Jet Aircraft
  • Single Seat Trainer Aircraft

Evolution 360 Dome Display – Benefits

  • Scalable fields of view up to 360-degree horizontal coverage
  • Scalable resolution up to 2.0 arcmin/optical line pair (OLP) when Native 8K projectors are available
  • Native 4K resolution projectors provide bright, high contrast, dynamic scenes (4.0 arc min/OLP average)
  • High quality dome construction
  • Seamless, near seamless (invisible from eyepoint), or seamed options (visible from eyepoint but no greater than 10 arcmin in size)
  • Full stimulated night vision goggle (NVG compatibility
  • Less projectors mean low acquisition and life-cycle costs
  • LED or laser light source projector technology ensure low long term costs
  • Fast auto-alignment system minimizes setup and projector maintenance time
  • Integrated head-up display (HUD) without additional projector*
  • Integrated supply chain improves price, quality, capability

*VITAL IG or compatible IG required


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