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Display Management System

Display Management System

A Fully Integrated Control System

FlightSafety’s Display Management System (DMS) provides comprehensive calibration and control for multi-projection display systems. A fully integrated piece of the FlightSafety solution, DMS offers alignment, display control, scenario management and system performance metrics. With an alignment suite that includes warp, blend, color and luminance matching, per-pixel uniformity, and gamma correction, it is one of the most complete packages in the industry. By utilizing the scheduler capabilities, image maintenance is virtually autonomous. DMS integrates directly with most of the simulation-grade projectors in the industry, to provide communication, control and data collection.

This interface provides for superior infrared performance that mimics real-world night-vision goggle (NVG) stimulation. When coupled with FlightSafety’s VITAL image generators, DMS provides additional system measurements and run-time updates that allow VITAL to adjust the scene content for enhanced realism.

Display Management System – Features

  • 360-degree sensor visibility fits any size display
  • 3,648-wavelength spectrometer provides accurate color and luminance measurements
  • 1.2 MP camera offers precise system measurement
  • Interfaces to auxiliary devices for scenario management – no manual intervention required
    • Motorized blend plates
    • NVG filters
    • Display modes
    • Display power adjustments
  • Unlimited number of displays offered
  • Fully integrated control of more than 20 projectors and flat-panel displays
  • Expandable to meet any system need
  • Windows Scheduler interface allows for pre-scheduled start of image maintenance
  • Commercial off-the-shelf components provide responsive product availability


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