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Flight Simulation – Commercial VITAL Subscription Service

Commercial VITAL Subscription Service

Worldwide VITAL Real-Time Software Updates

FlightSafety’s Commercial VITAL Subscription service provides customers with the entire robust library that FlightSafety’s own Learning Centers enjoy. With Customer satisfaction and ease-of-use in mind, we have also included ongoing maintenance and support for all airports. Customers receive a copy of the commercial database library specific to the VITAL System for use in their simulator. As new airports are added to the commercial library, they will also be distributed as a part of the subscription service in the next delivery. Each commercial library airport model will be updated as required when changes to the airport are identified on a Jeppesen chart,  Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), or other regulated data.

Support Included for Regulatory Issues

Issues written by regulatory authorities (FAA, CAA, EASA, etc.) during a qualification will be worked and delivered outside of the normal release cycle, if required. The time frame for delivery will align with the requirements in FAA 14 CFR Part 60 (2016). The following items will be delivered within 90 days of notification to FlightSafety, or opening/closure for use, whichever is greater.

  • Addition, or closure, of a runway or taxiway
  • Runway extension
  • New airport taxiway, or taxiway extension
  • New, or modified approach lighting system

Other items such as a new terminal, or control tower, will be delivered within 180 days of notification to FlightSafety, or opening/closure for use, whichever is greater.

Service Updates Received

Service Updates Received – Typical updates with the service include:
• Addition, or closure, of a runway or taxiway
• Runway or taxiway markings*
• Runway or taxiway lighting*
• Addition, or removal, of terminal buildings and control towers*
• Approach lighting
• Runway and taxiway identification
* May be limited by some VITAL System configurations (e.g., V8, V9, VX, V1100)

Custom Database Enhancements Available

We are happy to perform additional database enhancements per your request, which will be treated as a separate charge. This allows you to have input into the database library to add content where you desire for your training needs! Typical items that customers request are:

  • Addition of customer specific cues, such as buildings or  vertical obstructions outside of the airport
  • Addition of specific gates, gate detail, or marshalers
  • Addition of customer specific features (hangars, FBO, gates, etc.) within the airport fence line
  • Addition of hazard models/paths outside of the standard three for each runway
  • Additional moving or static models
  • Additional correlation of trees, roads, city scatter buildings, cultural lights, and power lines
  • Addition of airports not in the FlightSafety library that are specific to the requesting customer’s VITAL System configuration


VITAL subscription will be delivered via a complete customer database package. This complete package will include the updated airport models. The customer database package will be issued on the same ongoing release cycle as the FlightSafety Learning Centers, and no less than twice per calendar year. The buyer is responsible for payment of any taxes, such as Value Added Tax (VAT), or customs or import-related fees. Any regulatory items that need to be delivered outside of the standard release cycle will be delivered via network connection directly to the simulator. FlightSafety technicians will coordinate these activities with on-site personnel. If a network connection is not available, the customer will receive the updates with the next regular release cycle.

Real-time Software updates to the image generator that are required by a database update, will be distributed with the VITAL subscription delivery and are included in the cost of the subscription service.

The customers will report airport changes, or discrepancies, to FlightSafety through the FlightSafety designated reporting program. Details of this program will be provided after receipt of an acceptable purchase order (PO) from the customer.

The FlightSafety Commercial VITAL Subscription is offered under the FlightSafety Commercial VITAL Subscription Standard Subscription License Terms. Customer must acknowledge acceptance of these terms prior to any new airport models or any airport model updates will be delivered by FlightSafety. The one-year subscription service shall commence upon delivery of the first model package. FlightSafety shall issue an invoice for 100% of the price upon receipt of an acceptable PO from the customer. Customer POs must reference the Subscription License Agreement. Any other terms and conditions referenced on the face of the PO shall be invalid and only the terms and conditions of the Subscription License Agreement shall apply.

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