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Flight Operations Training

Table of Contents

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Flight Operations Training

FlightSafety’s Flight Operations Training Course for corporate flight departments enhances and upgrades the scheduler’s knowledge and skills. This course includes The Scheduling Function, Aircraft Capacity Utilization and Flight Operation Management subject areas.

Schedulers will benefit by improving on existing scheduling techniques, insight into principles and procedures corporate flight departments, and utilization of aircraft and crew services.

This is an excellent recurrent training opportunity, although prior initial training is not a prerequisite.

  • Federal Aviation Regulations (U.S.)
  • Airplane Specifications/Utilization
  • Scheduling Resources
  • Flight Operation Manual
  • Passenger loading/handling Techniques
  • Trip Planning Considerations
  • Scheduling techniques/principles
  • Crew Scheduling/Crew Services
  • Aircraft Maintenance Considerations
  • Emergency Response Plans

Online Courses for Schedulers and Dispatchers

FlightSafety offers many relevant courses for schedulers and dispatchers, including online training. To see our selection, please visit