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Defense – Training and Contractor Logistics

A Full Range of Training and Contractor Logistics

FlightSafety provides military contractor training, Aircrew Training Systems (ATS), and Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) through FlightSafety Defense. We have operated and maintained many important long-term contracts including the C-5 ATS for nearly 30 years, the KC-135 ATS for 18 years, and the KC-10 ATS for 10 years. We have also provided T-6 training devices and CLS for the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System for the past 20 years and are very pleased to have been awarded the Air Crew Training System contract in 2013 for the new KC-46 aerial refueling aircraft.  We are also a key member of the team supporting special operations training at Kirtland AFB, Davis-Monthan AFB, Andrews AFB and Moody AFB.

FlightSafety provides government and military agencies with a full range of advanced- technology training equipment. This includes the design and manufacture of weapons system trainers for tanker, transport, tilt-rotor, rotor-wing, and refueling aircraft. FlightSafety also builds classroom training equipment and specialized devices such as trainers for refueling boom operators, loadmasters, egress systems, gunnery stations, battle management centers, and fuselage trainers.

Training, Training Support, Advanced Training Programs

No matter what level of training support you seek, we can meet and exceed your needs. Whether that be a single flight-training device or turnkey training operation; full stand-alone training or supplemental instruction; comprehensive training equipment maintenance or standby consultation.

We offer decades of experience with both world-class training and advanced-technology training equipment. Our full flight simulators and training devices, state-of-the-art visual systems and all-glass mirror CrewView displays can replicate the operating characteristics of virtually any military or commercial aircraft. We have developed strong relationships with many of the world’s leading business and commercial aircraft manufacturers and defense contractors.


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