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Corporate Scheduler-Dispatcher

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Corporate Scheduler/Dispatcher

Schedulers and dispatchers in corporate flight departments contribute to efficient and safe operations. FlightSafety International offers specialized training to partner in that mission. Our practical, interesting, real-world approach results in usable knowledge and clear understanding of the subject matter. This course covers content that is often not addressed on-the-job, and as such is an excellent supplement to internal training.

Subjects are presented with a Scheduler/Dispatcher perspective, and demonstrate how each affects daily flight operations (including common terminology, acronyms and abbreviations). An interactive, engaging learning experience results in relevant knowledge and practices that can improve any flight department’s professionalism, efficiency, and safety.

Subject Areas:

  • The Scheduling Function
    – Basic crew and aircraft scheduling
    – Federal Aviation Regulations (U.S.)
  • Aviation Weather
    – Weather theory
    – Weather hazards
    – Weather reports and forecasts
  • Flight Planning
    – Aeronautical data (navigation planning, airport information)
    – Route selection, time and fuel calculations
  • Aircraft Performance
    – Basic principles of flight
    – Weight and balance theory and calculations
    – Performance considerations
  • Flight Simulator Demonstration*
    – Experience a pilot perspective
    – Effective immersion learning

*Optional and subject to availability. This “ride along” observation demonstration in a state-of-the-art, full motion flight simulator offers a better understanding of flight operations and performance limitations typical of modern corporate jet aircraft.

This is an excellent recurrent training opportunity. Although prior initial training is not a prerequisite, some experience is assumed and beneficial.

FlightSafety offers flexible training solutions for schedulers and dispatchers, including in-center, online instructor-led LiveLearning and self-paced eLearning. To learn more, please contact