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Corporate General Emergency Training

Table of Contents

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Corporate General Emergency Training – Recurrent

Corporate General Emergency Training – Recurrent

A 4-hour course providing corporate flight crewmembers with a review of the knowledge and procedures needed to handle emergency situations. The course meets most domestic and international regulatory requirements, including those of FAA 14 CFR Part 135.331 as well as ICAO and IS-BAO. Corporate General Emergency Training Initial is a prerequisite.

  • Emergency Situation Training
  • Decompression and high-altitude physiology
  • Aircraft fires, firefighting and smoke control
  • Onboard emergency equipment
  • Procedures for ditching and land evacuations
  • Survival equipment
  • HAZMAT recognition (will not carry)
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Life rafts and life vests
  • Sea survival procedures
  • Aviation weather
  • Surface contamination