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Corporate General Emergency Training

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Corporate General Emergency Training

Professional Instruction for In-Flight Emergency Response

We created our customizable Corporate General Emergency Training specifically to address the emergency training needs of corporate flight operations, regardless of size or situation. Our training meets most requirements of regulatory agencies worldwide as well as the requirements of most Safety Management Systems (SMS), including IS-BAO. Pilots, engineers, maintenance technicians and flight attendants all benefit from these comprehensive courses, designed to enhance the safety of your flight department by promoting rapid, accurate response to in-flight emergencies. We deliver General Emergency Training on request at our Learning Centers in Dallas, Texas; Long Beach, California; Paris-Le Bourget, France; Savannah, Georgia; and Teterboro, New Jersey.

Experienced Instructors, Superior Training Technology
We will tailor Corporate General Emergency Training courses to the specific requirements of your flight operation and your passengers’ needs. In addition, at your request our instructors will come to your location with training that focuses on your aircraft and flight operation.

Corporate General Emergency Training - Initial

A one-day course focused on the knowledge and procedures needed to handle emergency situations, meeting the regulatory requirements of 14 CFR Part 135.331. Course modules cover a broad range of potential onboard emergencies.

Emergency Training

  • Emergency assignments and procedures
  • Onboard emergency equipment
  • Ditching and survival equipment
  • Portable extinguishers
  • Emergency situations
  • Aircraft fires
  • Decompressions
  • Ditching and evacuation
  • HAZMAT recognition for non-carriers
  • Aviation weather
  • Surface contamination


Scenario-Based Training

  • Emergency evacuations
  • Fire extinguisher and smoke control
  • Emergency exits
  • Crew and passenger oxygen
  • Sea survival drills
  • Life rafts and life vests
  • Ditching drills
  • Firefighting drills
Corporate General Emergency Training - Recurrent

A 4-hour course providing corporate flight crewmembers with a review of the knowledge and procedures needed to handle emergency situations. The course meets most domestic and international regulatory requirements, including those of FAA 14 CFR Part 135.331 as well as ICAO and IS-BAO. Corporate General Emergency Training Initial is a prerequisite.

  • Emergency Situation Training
  • Decompression and high-altitude physiology
  • Aircraft fires, firefighting and smoke control
  • Onboard emergency equipment
  • Procedures for ditching and land evacuations
  • Survival equipment
  • HAZMAT recognition (will not carry)
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Life rafts and life vests
  • Sea survival procedures
  • Aviation weather
  • Surface contamination
Managing In-Flight Illness, Injury - MedAire Training

Minutes count when illness or injury strikes. In flight, the cabin attendant becomes the emergency first responder. Be prepared to recognize and stabilize nearly any onboard medical incident with initial and recurrent training from MedAire. Training begins with eLearning modules taken at your convenience, followed by classroom training at a FlightSafety Learning Center in Dallas, Long Beach, Paris-Le Bourget, Savannah or Teterboro. Keep your skills sharp and your knowledge up to date with periodic recurrent training – recommended annually.

eLearning Crew Emergency Training

Learn aviation emergency best practices on your own time and at your own pace. Training focuses on CRM procedures and communication in an emergency situation, procedures to handle different types of emergencies, and the fundamentals of survival during an evacuation. Modules include crewmember incapacitation, severe turbulence, security threats, decompression, causes and proper responses to onboard fire, land and water survival techniques and more.

Train in Familiar Surroundings
In addition to offering courses at select FlightSafety Learning Centers, we will provide this training at your facilities or at another site of your choosing, using your aircraft and equipment. Contact our Crew Emergency Learning Centers in Dallas, Long Beach, Paris-Le Bourget, Savannah and Teterboro for more information or to make training arrangements.

Event-Based Eligible
Corporate General Emergency Training qualifies for our maintenance event-based agreement. Contact a General Emergency Learning Center for more information: Dallas, Long Beach, Paris-Le Bourget, Savannah or Teterboro.