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Unmanned Systems Training

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Unmanned Systems Training – STEAM / STEM

FlightSafety’s STEAM / STEM Program

The small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS / drone) industry is full of  impactful teaching opportunities.  Our STEAM / STEM Program brings together science, technology, engineering, art, and math with meteorology, regulations, business acumen, and social responsibility to empower educators and to help their students reach unbounded potential.


Embracing the flipped classroom instructional strategy, our STEAM/STEM program helps educators (grades 9-12 & college) build the wide range of common core knowledge and skills necessary for student success in the sUAS industry. Pairing blended training with a building block learning approach, students can learn at home while putting their knowledge to practice in the classroom, and ultimately achieve career-ready outcomes.

Our program covers a range of UAS related topics, culminating in learning how to legally operate a small UAS in a commercial capacity:

  • Become familiar with sUAS flight physics and aerodynamics
  • Learn about constantly shifting industry regulations
  • Practice radio communications and standards
  • Delve into how batteries work and how they are used in drones
  • Learn about the role of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and their critical importance in the sUAS industry
  • Appreciate the realities of human factors impacting drone operation (like fatigue and resource management), and learn how to manage them
  • Learn Basic Photography skills
  • Learn industry best-practices and how to adopt them
  • Understand how to mitigate the many risks involved with drone operations
  • Design an operational sUAS system ensuring safety
  • Prepare to earn the FAA Part 107 Commercial Remote pilot License

How it Works

Educators are provided comprehensive resources that utilize a flipped classroom instructional strategy paired with in-classroom lessons and interactions.  FlightSafety provides the majority of the lesson content, while allowing ample opportunity to tailor curriculum to support community involvement and drone enthusiasm.

With access to the FlightSafety Drone STEAM/STEM Program, you get:

  • Teaching assets that allow for tailoring of the curriculum
    • Approximately 40 hours of in-class lessons
    • Approximately 25 hours of eLearning course content for students to access anytime
  • Expanded Instructor Action Guides to help you guide instruction, assign lessons, develop brain-based understanding and practical skills, create a capstone project, and effectively assess achievement
  • Teacher support and resources, including digital workbooks and support materials, our STEAM/STEM newsletter, portfolio guidelines, and critical access to industry-leading drone training experts
  • Advanced access to the Part 107 Exam Preparation course to help earn your FAA Part 107 Commercial Report Pilot License prior to teaching this course
  • The ability for you to join us for Remote Pilot Fundamentals Training*

*Remote pilot license required

Student Outcomes

Your STEAM/STEM initiative can inspire students to reach meaningful outcomes including viable employment in the drone industry.

The drone industry is quickly growing and changing, and your students can be part of the exciting changes.

By building an effective STEAM/STEM program with FlightSafety, students can learn skills in social and digital responsibility, entrepreneurial and innovative thinking, creative and empowered problem solving, and can develop passion for a range of industries and professions, earn a commercial remote pilot license, and even start their own drone business.

Educators can learn new skills in leadership, design, and collaboration while facilitating an exciting and rewarding program in a thriving industry.

Next Steps

Contact us today at to start the conversation and to learn more about how we can help you start your STEAM program.

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FlightSafety's STEAM / STEM Program