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Unmanned Systems Training

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Unmanned Systems Training – Online UST Courses

Online Unmanned Systems Courses

Industry-Leading Online Drone Training 
Improve your UAS operation’s safety with our growing number of self-paced or instructor-led online courses for drone operators. Our courses help you prepare for exams, meet regulatory requirements and build a solid knowledge base to improve the safety of your drone operation. 
Certified by AUVSI as a Top Level 3 Training Provider, FlightSafety is committed to increasing the safety, efficiency and success of the UAS industry.



Online Training for Remote Pilots & Operators

Designed for the nascent drone enthusiast to the experienced, commercial UAS professional, our comprehensive online drone curriculum culminates into a single training solution.

Part 107 Exam Preparation Course

Prepare for the FAA Remote Pilot Examination with comprehensive eLearning training. This course is ASTM Certified to bring your knowledge up to international training standards for remote piloting Unmanned Aircraft Systems. With advanced quiz functionality, you can identify strong and weak topics to build confidence before taking your Remote Pilot Exam.

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*This course is included with Commercial Remote Pilot Essentials training.

UAS Essentials Online Library

Build a standardized knowledge base above and beyond that required by various regulations with the UAS Essentials Online Library. Covering a wide range of topics applicable to most operators, clients will better understand many elements that contribute to safe and efficient operations.

Aerodynamics for UAS Operations

Learn about the principles of aerodynamic forces and how they affect the flight characteristics of single rotor, multi-rotor and fixed-wing drones in this eLearning course.

Battery Basics for UAS Operations 

Providing power to your small UAS, batteries are important components of your unmanned aerial system. This course helps you build a strong understanding of the many implications of using batteries to power your drone.

Fatigue Management for UAS Operations 

Whether you are driving to a site or piloting a drone, fatigue can affect the safety and efficiency of your operation. Fatigue Management for UAS Operations teaches you about the causes of fatigue, how fatigue impacts you and your operation, and how to plan for and mitigate the impacts of fatigue to improve your operation’s safety and efficiency.

Compliant with Transport Canada CASS 726.12(i) and Ops Spec 095.

Resource Management for UAS Operations

While Resource Management is increasingly understood and standards are increasingly regulated in the aviation industry, the human limitations and learnings are just as applicable to remote pilots. Become aware of strategies to optimally manage available resources, mitigate risk, optimize performance, and improve the overall flight safety of your operation with Resource Management for UAS Operations.

Safety Management Systems for UAS Operations

Designed for all professionals involved in UAS flight operations, this course provides an overall understanding of Safety Management Systems (SMS). An established SMS is a key contributor to the safety and efficiency of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations. Delivered via eLearning or LiveLearning.

Weather for UAS Operations

Weather  impacts nearly every aspect of drone operations. Affecting both the operation of drones themselves and flight crew performance, effectively preparing for the weather can improve the safety of your operation. Weather for UAS Operations teaches operators where to access weather data, how to interpret it and how to make educated determinations for safe UAS operations.

*The content presented in this course is similar to the weather modules of our Unmanned Aircraft Systems Part 107 Familiarization eLearning course.