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Unmanned Systems Training

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Unmanned Systems Training – Flight Training

Professional Drone Flight Training

Certified by AUVSI as a Top Level 3 Training Provider, our advanced drone flight training helps you standardize operational excellence with comprehensive training solutions to ensure that flight purpose is safely achieved.  Below is an overview of our available courses, but for more specific course information, visit the Fact Sheets page.

Commercial Remote Pilot Essentials
Commercial Remote Pilot Essentials is a blended learning course which promotes standards, risk mitigation, risk assessment and safety management along with industry best practices and trains the remote crews in many human factors areas.

Safety Management Systems for UAS Operations Workshop
This course assists new and existing UAS Operations in designing and implementing a turn-key FAA compliant Safety Management System (SMS) scaled to their individual operation.

sUAS Basic Remote Pilot
Designed to provide those interested in entering the drone industry with a strong foundation of knowledge and industry best practice.

sUAS Civil/Government Service Remote Pilot
This course provides the necessary training for federal, state and local government agencies who want to establish or increase the effectiveness of their existing drone capabilities. Featuring ground school and practical hands-on flight training. The scenarios presented are relevant to specific missions, including those of first responders.

sUAS Inspection Fundamentals Remote Pilot
Gain a fundamental understanding on sUAS inspection principles and industry accepted best practices for inspection, recognition, navigation and documentation.

UAS 2D Mapping Fundamentals
Our 2D Mapping and Surveying course featuring PIX4D software is designed to train the professional remote crews and operations in the fundamentals of mapping and surveying.

UAS Standards Instructor Essentials
This course is designed to provide remote pilots with the necessary training to understand the advanced standard instructional concepts and requirements needed to implement and teach standard operating procedures within a UAS flight department.

In addition to our standard course dates, training can also be conducted at any of our North American Learning Centers provided a minimum number of students are enrolled.  Please contact us for more information.