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Business and Commercial Aircraft Training Programs

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maintenance-professional-training-master-technician maintenance-professional-training-master-technician
Business and Commercial Aircraft Training Programs – Maintenance Training

Training for Today’s Maintenance Professional

To meet the needs of aircraft operators seeking technical proficiency for their maintenance personnel, we offer training that provides an ideal balance between classroom instruction and interactive, hands-on practice. Through our worldwide network of Learning Centers, we deliver maintenance training programs for a broad range of business and regional aircraft. Approved by international regulatory authorities, these courses – developed in close cooperation with the manufacturers – uphold our motto that “Safety begins with a well-trained maintenance technician.”

Classroom Training
Our professional maintenance training programs offer the in-depth classroom instruction necessary for technicians to develop, expand or refine their proficiency. Instruction begins in the classroom, where a variety of FlightSafety-developed resources – from courseware to special teaching tools – are deployed with a singular objective: the efficient and effective transfer of knowledge. Classroom instruction goes beyond the simple presentation of factual information: Our instructors are well-prepared aviation professionals with a depth of real-world experience. They are trained to stimulate cognitive skills through the selective use of scenario-based teaching methods and open classroom discussion.

Interactive, Hands-On Practical Training
Our interactive hands-on training – designed to reinforce classroom knowledge – makes up a significant balance of the instruction in many technical courses. The use of full-scale systems trainers makes the training experience immediately applicable to your own aircraft. Also included are the use of major component mock-ups, cutaways, working models, modular maintenance task simulators and a large variety of test equipment to demonstrate procedures and reinforce information learned in the classroom. Access to aircraft simulators further enhances training by allowing you to gain experience troubleshooting from the flight deck and to practice procedures for scenarios ranging from hung starts to engine fire.

Honeywell Aerospace
Experience the highest-quality interactive training on the full range of Honeywell Aerospace products. Exclusive maintenance training for APUs, avionics, engines, environmental controls and satcom. FlightSafety employs state-of-the-art instructional technologies and equipment to significantly increase the quality and effectiveness of training for operators of Honeywell products.

Pratt & Whitney Canada
Elevate your training to the next level, thanks to our collaborative agreement with Pratt & Whitney Canada. The agreement leverages our six decades of training mastery and worldwide Learning Center network to deliver more courses with greater frequency at more locations than ever before. The result: industry-leading maintenance training for the full range of P&WC engines – including turboprop, turbofan and turboshaft.

maintenance-professional-training-master-technician maintenance-professional-training-master-technician

Why FlightSafety Maintenance Training?
Our OEM relationships make us the best choice in aviation maintenance training. We operate two dedicated stand-alone maintenance training centers and offer maintenance training at a number of additional locations worldwide to complement our global Learning Center network. Each dedicated facility houses complete aircraft and engines to enhance your learning experience.

In-Depth Practical Training
We worked in close conjunction with Gulfstream to jointly develop Total Technical Training (TTT), available at three Learning Centers.  Practical training for Textron technicians is provided by FlightSafety Textron Aviation Training using authentic components at our Wichita Maintenance Learning Center. Sikorsky helicopter technicians take advantage of our programs at the factory-authorized West Palm Beach Learning Center.

Professional Development
FlightSafety provides Customers direct access to a full array of professional development training through Service Elements, Global Jet Services and USC. Courses include a variety of soft skills subjects as well as specific eLearning maintenance programs. Courses are offered at different locations throughout the year. These programs are part of the Master Technician  – Management career path.

On-Site Training
The same training available in the classroom can be delivered at your location – please contact us to arrange scheduling.

FlightSafety Master Technician
Master Technician training provides aviation maintenance professionals with in-depth instruction and real-world practical training. This innovative and unique program is designed to enable maintenance technicians to further enhance their contributions to the safety, reliability and operating efficiency of the aircraft or components they support and maintain. The industry-leading Master Technician training program was developed in close collaboration with aviation manufacturers and the experience and expertise of FlightSafety’s highly qualified maintenance training professionals. Enhance your technical and professional abilities to develop more advanced skills through one or more of our six paths to becoming a Master Technician.

Multiple Paths to Master Technician

Airframe – Aircraft-Specific
Avionics – Avionics-Specific
Cabin Systems – OEM-Specific
Composites – Repair and Fabrication
Engine – Engine-Specific
Management – Career Advancement

Choose the Path That’s Right for You

Once you’ve earned a Master Technician certificate, you can continue to expand both your skill sets and your career possibilities with additional Master Technician certificates.