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Business and Commercial Aircraft Training Programs

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Business and Commercial Aircraft Training Programs – Specialized and Comprehensive Training Programs

Specialized and Comprehensive Training Programs

FlightSafety offers aviation professionals a full selection of training programs to supplement core pilot and maintenance technician instruction. The following descriptions address only a portion of the available programs.

Corporate Cabin Attendant
We offer Corporate Cabin Attendant and General Emergency Training that meets most recommendations for ICAO and IS-BAO certification as well as many of the regulatory requirements for FAA Part 135.331. A professional cabin crewmember must offer a broad range of knowledge and skills to qualify for today’s demanding assignments. Our training prepares attendants for those demands, from proper business etiquette to onboard fire suppression, from recognizing and handling emergency procedures to operating the latest cabin communication, environmental and entertainment systems.

Commercial Flight Attendant
This training provides the cornerstone of safety instruction and prepares attendants for a successful career. Training uses full-scale flight attendant training aids, such as aircraft cabin mock-ups, an aircraft fire trainer with a live fire, and water landing training in a water environment. In addition, attendants gain hands-on experience with actual emergency and survival equipment.

Corporate Scheduler/Dispatcher
Crew schedulers and dispatchers in corporate and charter flight departments contribute to efficient and safe operations. Our specialized training focuses on the unique needs corporate schedulers and dispatchers face daily. Our practical, real-world approach results in usable knowledge and clear understanding of the relevant subjects. Most of the course subject matter isn’t typically covered during on-the-job training, providing an excellent supplement to company training. Courses are conducted at our St. Louis Learning Center and certain other selected Learning Centers. Please contact us for specific dates and locations. Training may also be conducted at your location by special arrangement.

FAA Airline License Dispatch
Our FAA License Dispatch course is designed to prepare a candidate for a career as an airline flight dispatcher. We offer both a comprehensive initial dispatch training course that prepares attendees for the FAA certification exams and recurrent training for licensed dispatchers who want to keep their skills sharp. We offer courses at our LaGuardia Learning Center or onsite by special arrangement.

International Operations
Our specialized course of study includes initial, recurrent and specialized courses for pilots to maintain proficiency across oceans, language barriers and varying systems of aviation regulation. Training includes ICAO Standards and Procedures, Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum, Flight Itinerary Preparation and Customs and Immigration.

Training to Support IS-BAO Registration
The International Standard-Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) encourages a positive, participatory safety culture. As your department works toward becoming IS-BAO compliant, take advantage of our broad experience and comprehensive expertise. We offer courses to address many of the specific IS-BAO requirements. Most are available in the traditional instructor-led format at our many Learning Centers around the globe. Many are also available in a convenient, online eLearning format.

EASA-Certified Aviation Training
We have earned the EASA Aviation Training Organization (ATO.0012)  approval for the majority of our training programs. European operators can receive EASA training for all programs offered at our Paris-Le Bourget and London Farnborough locations.  Additionally many FlightSafety Learning Centers in North America also offer EASA training on select aircraft.

Specialty and Enrichment Training
We offer a wide variety of specialty and enrichment training, with courses such as International Procedures Recurrent, Hazardous Materials for “Will Not Carry” Operators, Safety Management Systems or Corporate Aviation Security. Supplemental enrichment includes courses such as Cold Weather Operations or Weather Radar. Regardless of the topic, you benefit from our authoritative content and expert instructional design.

eLearning – Train Anywhere, Anytime
Our suite of self-paced eLearning products delivers interactive instruction on a wide and ever-growing selection of subjects. Constantly updated to reflect current needs and trends, eLearning allows you to learn at your own location and pace. We also offer eLearning Library packages, such as our GOS Part 135 Library, which includes our IS-BAO/Safety Library and nine additional modules.

Since 1951, FlightSafety has provided the best instructor-led training in the industry. Now our instructor-led training is available via over-the-web LiveLearning. Enjoy the benefit of live interaction with our knowledgeable instructors and the convenience of training from any computer with an internet connection. Simply log on at a set date and time to complete your training.