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Business and Commercial Aircraft Training Programs

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Business and Commercial Aircraft Training Programs – Advanced-Technology Training

Enhancing Safety With Advanced-Technology Training

We focus everything we do on enhancing your safety and satisfaction, working to make the FlightSafety training experience as valuable and effective as possible. We invest extensively in research and technology: Our engineers and courseware developers design and build better, more sophisticated Customer-centered simulation tools each year – such as the advanced MATRIX suite of flight training equipment and software and our mobile Graphical Flight Simulator LNV. We build complete training solutions around the specific aircraft our Customers operate. And we’re committed to developing new and better tools that keep you safer – during training and during flight – as new aircraft appear.

MATRIX: An Integrated Training System
Our MATRIX system is a comprehensive suite of flight training tools consisting of the DeskTop Simulator, the Graphical Flight-deck Simulator and Integrated Courseware. The system features shared applications and graphics and leverages the same powerful software found in our Level D full flight simulators. Commonality in software provides aviation professionals using MATRIX a consistent course of training as they move from classroom instruction on the DeskTop Simulator; to practice, reinforcement and repetition on the Graphical Flight-deck Simulator; and, finally, to optimized time in our state-of-the-art full flight simulators.

The result is a high level of confidence and preparedness. The DeskTop Simulator imparts type-specific flight characteristics during classroom training, hosting free-play exercises of structured training events delivered by MATRIX Integrated Courseware playback. The Graphical Flight-deck Simulator extends aircraft simulation data into an accurate, full-size, type-specific replication of aircraft controls and instrumentation. This versatile platform allows pilots to run scenarios and test procedures before taking on training in the full flight simulator, and maintenance technicians to study and review aircraft systems and system interaction.

SimVu – Comprehensive Debriefing
Pilots have the opportunity to immediately learn from simulator sessions through SimVu, a sophisticated playback tool instructors use to bookmark and review critical events. Debriefing includes flight deck video and instrument readings exactly as they happened during training.

FS1000 Full Flight Simulators
With advanced audio, motion and visual capabilities, our FAA/EASA-qualified Level D full flight simulators are built to the world’s highest standards to provide a realistic environment for duplicating every phase of flight. We operate the world’s largest fleet of Level D-qualified simulators, helping us deliver more than a million hours of training each year. Our FS1000 full flight simulators provide the highest level of realism and fidelity in aircraft simulation, feature advanced instructional capabilities and are designed for maximum reliability, ease of maintenance and support. We constantly introduce advances in simulation technology to further increase fidelity and create a more secure training environment. The FS1000 outperforms current generation simulators in virtually all aspects.

VITAL 1150 State-of-the-Art Visual System
Our exclusive VITAL 1150 visual system provides simulator training that features realistic, detailed, high-resolution views designed to enhance safety. Combine VITAL 1150 with our ground-breaking all-glass CrewView mirror displays for the ultimate in simulation training fidelity. VITAL 1100 enhances the learning experience in everything from full flight simulators to a complete range of advanced training devices. The system provides pilots with necessary out-the-window and sensor information, featuring five times greater computational performance than predecessor systems for exceptional visual realism. Environmental effects, such as physics-based weather models, develop and react as in the real world. Dynamic shadowing and enhanced shading add a new dimension to the training environment.

The system is completely compatible with other aircraft systems such as head-up displays, enhanced and synthetic vision systems and radar. VITAL 1150 also simulates high-quality forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and electro-optical sensors including ColorTV, LowLightTV, All Light Level TV and aircraft remote direct view camera systems. VITAL 1150 also exceeds the FAA Level D and military equivalent standards for training with night vision devices.

CrewView Displays for Superior Clarity
CrewView all-glass mirror displays provide superior optical performance, sharper image clarity, long-term reliability and night vision capabilities. CrewView’s true collimated images are free of visible distortions and artifacts out to mirror edge, eliminating ground rush distortion in the bottom field of view. Combined with our VITAL 1150 visual system, CrewView delivers unprecedented simulation training fidelity.