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Business and Commercial Aircraft Training Programs

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“The Best Safety Device in Any Aircraft Is a Well-Trained Crew”

FlightSafety International delivers professional world-class training with worldwide reach to operators of business and regional aircraft. We serve the business and regional aviation industries with a compelling mix of resources designed to satisfy ongoing training needs. These resources include an expanding fleet of advanced simulators housed in Learning Centers around the globe. We support operators of aircraft from a broad range of manufacturers.

Comprehensive Training Services
Our Learning Centers, fully qualified under aviation regulatory requirements, operate with an emphasis on reliability, convenience and flexibility. Our goal is to assist you in your mission by offering the training support you need, including access to simulator technology, specially designed training environments and, when appropriate, the expertise of professional FAA- and EASA-qualified instructors.

A Powerful Learning Experience
Our goal is for pilots, technicians and every member of your team to perform at the highest levels of safety. We engage you in powerful learning experiences that lead to confidence and proficiency while maintaining a standard of excellence honed over six decades of training experience. Our training programs are approved by the FAA, EASA and many other aviation regulatory authorities.

Flexible, Safety-Centered Training
Customers who train with us appreciate our flexibility. Our courseware and training personnel provide the assistance you need to develop and implement an approved flightcrew or maintenance technician training program. We work to reinforce your training culture, giving proper emphasis to human factors and advanced crew resource management techniques.

Tailored to Your Specific Needs
We give top priority to your needs. This includes helping you meet unique training objectives, including harmonizing standard operating procedures. We have significant experience in developing new training programs for FAR Parts 91, 121 and 135, as well as EASA commercial operators, including initial, recurrent, transition, prior experience and upgrade training curricula.

business-commercial-aircraft-training-flightsafety business-commercial-aircraft-training-flightsafety

Enhancing Safety in the Areas That Matter Most
We are an excellent source for individual courses of training on such subjects as crew resource management, flight attendant, maintenance resource management, dispatcher and scheduling, international procedures and many others.

Training for the Next Generation
As part of our full spectrum of aviation training services, we play an increasingly significant role in new-pilot development. FlightSafety Academy at Vero Beach, Florida, offers safety-centered training programs for airline and corporate flight departments seeking to expand their pilot resources, or for individuals with the desire and ability who dream of becoming a professional pilot. The academy gives prospective pilots a serious competitive advantage, whether they seek to fly a commercial airliner or a corporate jet for a Fortune 500 CEO, or instruct other aspiring professional pilots.

Strong Ties to Aircraft Manufacturers
We have cultivated close, long-standing relationships with aircraft manufacturers that ensure you receive the most effective and accurate factory-authorized training possible. For most business aircraft programs, we establish training locations for that aircraft type near one of the manufacturer’s major facilities. These strong relationships ensure that our training technology always reflects your equipment. For most regional aircraft programs, we have established designated training locations for that aircraft type. Designed with you in mind, many of these centers are located near major airline hubs.

Master Aviator – The Highest Standard in Safety
For the best fixed-wing and helicopter pilots, we offer the ultimate challenge of flying abilities – the Master Aviator™ program. Completing a range of advanced-level courses gives pilots a deeper understanding of their aircraft that only the best of the best possesses. We recognize them as pilots who have achieved the highest standards and shown a true dedication to safety.


  • Industry and peer recognition
  • Deeper knowledge of the aircraft you fly, helping ensure a safe and correct response to unexpected situations
  • Improved airmanship with advanced aircraft specific courses designed to enhance flying skills, decision-making and crew communication
  • Advanced professional and personal development

Master a Higher Level of Aviation Skills

Our progressive curriculum expands aviation education beyond the fundamentals covered by initial and recurrent training, and lets you take advantage of the benefits that come with joining an elite group of Master Aviators.

Our fixed-wing curriculum now covers multiple manufacturer types and models, while our helicopter curriculum allows operators to demonstrate their advanced skills on a variety of model types.