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Airbus Helicopters EC135

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Airbus Helicopters EC135 – Simulation-Based Training

The Simulation-Based Training Advantage

If you’re not taking advantage of FlightSafety’s EC135 simulation-based training, or if you’re still using your valuable aircraft for training, it’s time to reconsider. As airlines and corporate fixed-wing flight departments have known for decades, there simply is no substitute for simulation-based training. And now, taking direct and indirect costs into account, FlightSafety simulation training can save you money compared with in-flight training.

No ComparisonCompared with simulation-based training, in-aircraft training has few if any advantages and many drawbacks.

  • Exposes you and your crews to unnecessary risk
  • Takes your aircraft out of revenue service
  • Discourages repetition to build proficiency
  • Adds considerable wear and tear to your aircraft
  • Forces pretend scenarios with imagined outcomes
  • Precludes training in adverse weather or other challenging situations


The More Effective AlternativeFlightSafety simulation-based training overcomes these shortcomings. Vastly more thorough and comprehensive, it allows pilots to review and practice both normal and – much more importantly – abnormal and emergency procedures. A broad range of scenarios replicate virtually any possible situation, in every conceivable weather and environmental condition. Realistic scenarios force pilots to make split-second decisions, driving home the critical need to understand and follow emergency procedures. It’s one thing to know that certain actions take priority during a crisis and quite another to make the right call when the situation is deteriorating by the second.

Save Your Aircraft for Paying CustomersFlightSafety simulation-based training is the most comprehensive, and the most cost-effective, EC135 training available. Use your aircraft to generate revenue. Avoid the risk of training accidents. Take advantage of the superior effectiveness of simulation training.