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Advanced Pilot Training

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Advanced Pilot Training – Advanced UPRT

Advanced Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

In-flight loss of control represents the single greatest cause of fatal aviation accidents in the last decade. This course provides an academic review, demonstration and practice of the full flight envelope of the airplane and presents compelling scenarios that allow pilots to safely experience and recover from historically accurate, fatal, in-flight upset events in a way that would be far too dangerous to experience in an actual aircraft. Our state-of-the-art simulators incorporate an aerodynamic model that replicates the flight envelope from full aerodynamic stall to speeds well beyond VMO/MMO.

During this course, pilots are able to recognize, experience, and recover from inflight loss of control in the safe and controlled environment of a simulator. The course also helps increase knowledge of aerodynamics and develops new skills that are critical to safe operations.

Watch our video to see Advanced Upset Prevention & Recovery Training in a FlightSafety simulator.

Download the following fact sheets for course information.  For Pricing, please contact your Regional or Center Sales Manager.